Rhythm & Spice Festival 2013

Rhythm & Spice Festival 2013

In partnership with the Saint Lucia Tourist Board and Baron Foods, the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association is pleased to announce Baron Foods/ SLHTA’s Rhythm and Spice Festival 2013.

This event will be hosted on December 15 at the Pigeon Island National Landmark from 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Rhythm and Spice was conceptualised and first hosted by the SLHTA in 2006. The main objective of Rhythm and Spice was to amalgamate some of the SLHTA’s traditional fundraising efforts into one major event.

The rationale was to provide members with a stage for showcasing their major products and service offerings. Additionally, the event would serve as a medium to highlight the essence of Saint Lucia’s tourism and to provide the public with an opportunity to be a part of this ever expanding sector.

Rhythm and Spice highlights the culinary skills of the chefs and their innovation in the use of local products. An atmosphere of camaraderie and competition is created, as each team tries its utmost to win the coveted title of “Best Team of the Year”.

Participating member hotels prepare meals to be sold to the public at a very affordable price and they can sample different dishes from the various booths. The proceeds go to the Association to assist with its community outreach and related work programmes.

But the event is much more than a culinary showcase, as hospitality and allied members are also provided an opportunity to display their products and services. The festival will focus on career opportunities in the tourism industry and showcase them through skits, displays, distribution of literature and competitions.

Another highlight of Rhythm and Spice is the musical and theatrical entertainment. In collaboration with the Ministry of the Creative Industries, the event also showcases the talents of many aspiring and recognized artists and artisans that regularly ply their trade at the various hotels, restaurants and other tourism establishments.

The SLHTA invites all ages and genders to be part of this event.


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