RFPs being sought for John Compton Dam De-Silting and Rehabilitation Project

RFPs being sought for John Compton Dam De-Silting and Rehabilitation Project
An aerial view of the John Compton Dam.
An aerial view of the John Compton Dam.
An aerial view of the John Compton Dam.

PRESS RELEASE – The Water & Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) has completed the first phase, i.e., The Study, for the John Compton Dam de-Silting and Rehabilitation project.

Currently, request for proposals (RFP) have been sought from two (2) prequalified firms to undertake the second phase of the project, i.e., The Works. Today November 4, 2015 is the pre-bid meeting with the pre-qualified firms and the deadline for the submission of proposals from them, is December 16, 2015.

The public is reminded that the cost of the Study, i.e., US$601,386.00  was funded partly with grant funds from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in the amount of US$150,000 and the German Government agency, Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammena (GIZ) through the Caribbean Aqua Terrestrial Solutions Programme in the amount of  100,000 euros. The balance of the contract sum was paid out of the John Compton Dam Dredging Fee Account.

The Study benefitted substantially from an earlier contribution by the German Government through a consultancy which advised on the siltation problem at the John Compton Dam and considerations for sediment removal and management.

The rehabilitation plan to be implemented in the Works Phase involves the dredging of sediments by suction dredging and depositing same in a properly engineered ‘laydown area’ approximately one kilometer north (down stream ) of the reservoir. Dredging will be carried out in the wet/rainy season annually. A volume of 1.5 million m3 (cubic metres) of sediment is in the reservoir plus a significant volume of woody debris (logs) to be removed.

The other key components of the project are as follows:

-The upper catchment areas of the reservoir are to be stabilised and rehabilitated.

-Supplementary water sources are to be developed to augment the supply from the reservoir.

-The spillway wing-wall is to be reinstated and the outlets in the Dam are to be restored.

-Monitoring equipment are to be installed.

-An environmental and social plan is included for implementation.

-A climate vulnerability assessment for purposes of ensuring resilience is incorporated in the recommendations.

The entire process has been carried out in keeping with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) procurement rules which require ‘no objections’ from the CDB before proceeding from one stage to the next. It also requires all submissions to be received and opened by the Central Tenders Board and the approval of that Board to undertake the stages. WASCO has satisfied all the requirements of the CDB rules and the Central Tenders Board, and therefore has progressed the project to the current Works Phase.

The CDB has approved a loan in the amount not to exceed US$14.798 million, made up of provisions from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), European Investment Bank (EIB) and CDB, for financing the early years of the project.

It has become necessary for WASCO to state very clearly, the following:

-There has been no contract awarded previously for The Works nor has there been any contract awarded to date for The Works phase of the project.

-There is no German company which has been invited to undertake the works nor has any German company been awarded any contract for the Works.

-The amount to undertake the Works will be known only after the evaluation of the proposals from the pre-qualified firms is carried out and a ‘no objection’ award is made to the successful pre-qualified firm.

-The German Government has made a substantial contribution to Saint Lucia for the Study of the sedimentation of the John Compton Dam and this contribution is greatly appreciated. Every effort is being made to continue ongoing partnerships with the German government in the areas of Non-Revenue Water reduction and water storage in vulnerable rural communities to enable some resilience to extreme weather events.

-The project is currently at the stage of Requests for Proposals (RFP) from two (2) pre-qualified firms, and today November 4, 2015 a pre-bid meeting will be held. The deadline date for receipt of proposals from the pre-qualified firms is December 16, 2015.


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  1. The political tension in this country is really ridiculous. It seems the supporters of these political parties play more politics than the politicians themselves. The comments made here show the obvious biases of many people. This country is in alot of trouble when we are prepared to stand and defend politicians seemingly without foundation.


  2. This will go to the usual suspects guaranteed.They have set it up so that very few companies can qualify by only giving their boys contracts over the years.Very experienced companies cannot qualify because they have received no work under this Government.

    The man must be laughing away there in his helicopter.His Trinidadian business partner the famous BIL of massa must be rubbing his hands at our absolute stupidity.
    Go Guy expose the borbolists.


  3. Thank you for the information WASCO. The flow of information from WASCO has greatly improved in recent times.

    The press release could have been better crafted however. It is quite poorly written. Those of us who are capable of setting a proper example need to do so. There is enough poor communication in the country.

    I look forward to hearing more.


  4. bravo wasco, keep the info coming. My only beef is that this press release should have been done before Guy starting telling the public false allegations.


  5. How can a German company get a cdb funded job. When will st. Lucian's finally realise that guy Joseph is the biggest liar in st


    • You are funny. The GIZ (germans) are partly funding the project. They have been assisting with water related projects in st.lucia


  6. the only local company with the sand sucking equipment was given the job. they built the road leading to the top of the dam in other to maneuver their equipment upon completion,then they were suppose to start the operation.then the government changed and everything changed. even wasco board of directors was changed for the exception of one. that local company did all the environmental impact and the fancy study.they showed them where the silt and sediments will be lodged which they wasco and the government had no idea.they used the local company's report as a guideline. then within a week a German contractor was at the dam. now the local is being told they cannot qualify because they have not earned over a given period or have assets worth 10 million dollars. this work is not as complicated as it sounds but that is the image they want. yes it entails a lot of money over a period of time.


  7. This information is given before we are told that a Germany company will be given the job. More reason for me to think that Guy Joseph is well informed.


  8. Thanks Wasco for the information and hope you guys continue to keep us updated on the progress of the project.


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