Reynolds sees no reason why he shouldn’t question Brown’s qualification

Reynolds sees no reason why he shouldn’t question Brown’s qualification
Left to right: Clinton Reynolds, Jade Brown.
Left to right: Clinton Reynolds, Jade Brown.
Left to right: Clinton Reynolds, Jade Brown.

Journalist, Clinton Reynolds, has offered an explanation as to the reason for questioning the appointment of his colleague Jade Brown as the new Press Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Speaking at the beginning of his weekly television programme, Current Affairs, Reynolds asserted that he does not have an issue with Brown.

He recalled congratulating Brown on the “step up” and noted that people are free to choose who they associate themselves with and concluded that its her deicison.

Reynolds, who is also the president of the Media Association of Saint Lucia (MASL), said the only issue he had was whether Brown is qualified to hold the position.

“What is wrong with asking about somebody’s qualification, when they are being paid from the public purse? How is that about gender? How is that about the individual?” he questioned.

Reynolds said he also made a point in relation to the public service statues, which speaks to having certain guidelines, criteria and requirements that need to be met in every position.

One such requirement is having a first degree. But Reynolds said Brown recently stated that she is now pursuing her first degree, something he hinted still does not qualify her for the job.

“Since when does the pursuit of a degree or qualification render the person qualified?”

He presented a scenario where someone goes to a doctor’s office and is told by the doctor that he is not done with his medical degree, but the individual could trust him, because he is in medical school.

“How many people would allow the doctor to examine him or her?” he questioned.

A few minutes later when the lines were opened, a caller advised Reynolds that he should not have taken that stand as a former colleague of Brown and president of MASL.

The unknown caller told Reynolds, by questioning whether she is qualified or not, in his mind, he (Reynolds) is already proclaiming that she is not suited for the job.

At one point, the caller was told he is not a “media expert” and he should not be commenting on things he is unaware of, but the caller told Reynolds that he is judging him, without proof that he is qualified.

Brown had told the local media that she is not concerned about the criticisms, but is prepared to deliver and is confident having been appointed by the Prime Minister to serve as the new Press Secretary.

Brown has served as a television reporter and co-anchor for HTS NewsForce.


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  1. Brown has serve as an anchor for HTS, but you REFUSE to hear for how long she has anchored. yep cause that isnt even really serving to her experience.I would like to hear for how many year, cause she is so experienced isnt she.Further proof she isnt qualified for the job. she has just carried a few stories for HTS.thats it and a levels. She isnt even qualified as a journalist. am i a hater. I am a teacher, I am not qualified as a mediacal doctor, or marketing. My training is in teaching. whats wrong in asking the question Bambi.Anyway Bambi and others, you may be right cause you and even our PM have degrees and make foolish mistake and sound uneducated, so maybe she doesnt need her qualifications, EVEN though the job stipulated she should SQUARE peg Round hole.
    WE QUICK to call ppl haters when they simply ask relevant questions. I remember even Jadia wasnt qualified and that issue was raised as she was fresh from UWI when given the post.far less you JAde.Is best you had never replied to mr Reynold's comment. And trust me, better he said it than you continue to think you were something special. You just a party hack given a job for that reason. AND we can protest you be removed from that position btw. A simple injunction can fix thatso Jade eat humble pie and dont show your lack of class on your first day on the job. Keep moving on up though ms Brown.from a young brother


  2. I would take real experience over education anyday...People remember a qualification is a stepping stone to other things its just shows your competence to sit in a classroom and learn the fundamentals. However getting into the real world it works so differently...the young lady comes with exposure and experience, so lets give her a break and see how she performs. I will make my assessment based on seeing her in action!!!


    • That is so stupid.

      Real experience how???? How many years has this woman been a "journalist" in order to suggest real experience will trump a degree???

      Stop it.

      Reading news and public relations is a completely different field.

      So because someone reads the news makes them versed in the skill of communications and PR???


      Only in st Lucia do people believe journalism/PR/communications are one and that marketing and sales are the something.

      Stop talking bullshit . Research before you speak.


  3. The post of Press Secretary is a civil service appointment. There must be accountability in any hiring to the service. It is not at the whim and fancy of any politician. The PM may have a say in the appointment but up to a point where he favors one qualified person over the other. If persons who are not qualified are brought into the service then what president does it set? Well one can imagine that the PM could lets say appoint Arthur (with all respect due to him and he wouldn't mind) to be a permanent Secretary in a ministry. This is why there are rules and is when we compromise these rules that we open the door to chaos.

    I mean any logically thinking person will know that. The part about people without degrees becoming millionaires is irrelevant as anybody has the ability and talent to be successful, however, it is different to be accountable to the public. Private people who employed unqualified persons into their business take their own risks. The public service operates by laws and conventions and not by taking risks or by trial and error.


  4. I don't understand, why can't he question the appointment of a public servant it happens all the time where somebody gets a job without the qualifications and we say it isn't fair. Is he wrong for asking that question ? What about the ppl out there that are qualified to do but are not politically aligned ? Is this practice of hiring red or yellow so normal now that Clinton is questioned for asking a simple question ?


  5. All institutions, industries etc must be balanced with academics, people with vocational skills and great thinkers. There is no place for haters and cry-babies so the decision to appoint Ms Brown and not Mr Reynolds was the right one. Mr Reynolds stick to karaoke.


  6. Clinton just upset and bitter he did not get the job.

    Attitude determines altitude....beaten by an uneducated young woman.....



  7. there are so many young people with first and second degrees in st lucia sitting at home because they can't find a job and there we have someone who is only now pursuing her first degree as press secretary. smh i tell you this government is "who you know and who know you". Mr Reynolds has every right to question her qualifications. the PM needs to let us know the process and qualifications required for selecting a press secretary.


  8. Clinton, this is a fair question, and you were right, she does not have the academic qualification for the job. So now we have someone making $8000 a month (assuming she's making the same as Jadia) without even a first degree. There are people with Masters degrees searching for jobs. Yet the Minister of Education is always on t.v . talking nonsense about getting ahead with education. Surely not in St. Lucia! This issue certainly does not support what the Minister wants us to believe. There are many others like it.

    And her response to Clinton was like wow!! Your first day on the job and that's how you respond to criticism? Contorting your pretty face into all kinds of shapes, rolling your eyes and talking about you not going to take this lying down blah, blah blah. Not good, not good at all. Big departure from the demure looking person sitting next to Andre. Clinton, you just said what many people were thinking. Good for you. Enough of people getting ahead on things other than merit.


  9. What is the qualification to be a prime minister or a government minister?? Is the press secretary higher?


  10. It is so sad when your own dog bites you. What is Reynolds point? I thought that position was a political one.


    • what is your point? that political appointments require no due diligence.. That there should be no minimum qualifications met?
      where you work, is a private entity, and not even them gave you your job without your degree.bacause they needed to be somewhat certain you can do your duties well. Please not just because you live next to her relatives and support her party that you can insult such an inquiry.
      Furthermore, regulations set stipulate that one needs to have a first degree for the job. Point being, SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED for the job. she just got another job for the boys. Just like Guard and many others.
      But hey after all Bambi, even you have a degree and sound like an as* most of the time, so what do I know, it may not be necessary.


  11. I read something written by someone heading a big organisation and it stayed with me. She said that you hear of all these multimillionaires that start up businesses with no degree and we conclude a degree is not necessary. And fact is, some people who make money are not degree people they are entrepreneurial types with a certain mindset. But when we look at the support network that their huge conglomerates have and the people who make sure that all runs well, much of that is from people with degrees. so even when these types dont have degrees they know how to make use of people with degrees because it is needed. That position especially at this level should not be simply about having a mouth piece. One has to learn to defend, to think on his or her feet, to be aware of issues and engage in such issues. Jade is not at that level. And at some point when the hype goes down it will become painfully clear and obvious.


  12. All the people without degrees shall say:

    So many idiots with degrees.

    Clearly you don't have it bothers you that people are questioning her qualifications.

    Say what you may, but there is a reason people pursue degrees. A lot of the theory necessary to apply practical knowledge can only be attained with a degree.

    For a position such as this. Whoever holds the office should indeed posses a degree in public relations, journalism or communications. Pay grades must be taken Into consideration.

    Further she does not have a lengthy enough career in journalism to suggest that her experience trumps academic achievement.

    A degree is necessary for any high ranking public official.

    Sorry if you disagree. But these are just facts. This country is shrouded in nepotism which is exactly why we never get things done correctly.

    Sadly you have people holding marketing jobs with no idea how to collect quantitative data and analyse and present accurate reports. You have people in saint Lucia working in posts which they do not have the capacity to fulfill the duties.

    Which is why we produce so much mediocrity on every level. Ever ask your self why saint Lucia cannot attain the success that Barbados has? It is because we bask in mediocrity. Just OK is always good enough for us.


    • I agree with you 100% especially your last sentence.
      I have a problem with mediocrity. We will NEVER NEVER aspire to great heights with such a mindset.
      It is high time we drop our ti boutique and village thinking.


  13. Sounds personal but i have a question for you .. what degree did our former prime minister stephen king had ??? also i believe this woman is better than jadia for sure because all i heard was someone campaigning for slp , rather than working for the government . I have never heard you rant about that and she having a talk show with how much stars around it hmmm.


    • what you fail to realise is that its jadia's qualifications which made her smart enough to try to fool us under the guise of the show she hosts, to sell her party,s and her PM's ideas to the masses. its her Qualifications which makes her wise enough to know this is a strategy which may work in their favor.
      you have not seen jade n action but she better than jadia. what just on looks? please, id take a natural girl over a fake countoured cheek anyday


    • elected officials under democracy are different from persons vying for a public service post. Its is WE who VOTED King in, and HE was VOTED leader by the majority of persons WE VOTED in per constituency. totally different(thought i agree with you on his papers) than when one applies for a public post requiring certain qualifications


    • Correct people work hard but true words spoken by H5D; the law of supply and demand kick in here and everyone's got a degree nowadays so employers are looking for that extra edge. However, some traditionally prestigious institutions like investment banks still don't look at you unless you got a degree from a red brick University.

      If the post was advertised with a degree requirement, she shouldn't get it simple but I don't believe that should be a requirement. Some people can't be bothered with the schooling thing or because of other commitments can't pursue education but they're just as smart; I think this young lady can do well if she sets her mind to it and works hard and so can many others too.

      Many young people get out of University with a piece of paper expecting it to be some kind of entitlement for a high flying job but get the shock of their lives to see how competitive the world really is. Experience counts big time.


  14. People in this country always want to flaunt their qualifications on the HAVE NOTS that never had an opportunity to go to school abroad. Truth is, some of these so call GRADUATES their track records SUCK.

    Look how man qualified ECONOMIST on the island. YOUR ECONOMY STILL SUCK !! Look how many qualified JOURNALIST on the island. EVERY DAY I HEAR CALLS FOR FACT CHECKING!! (Basic journalism 101) HELLO !!


    Fact of the matter is, if someone has the relevant work experience, and or training that too, can be substituted for whatever job he or she is applying for;




    • but she doesnt have the training, she read news for a few months. and she wasnt qualified as a journalist btw. many of our reporters arent