Reynolds, Rigobert express outrage at gang rape

Reynolds, Rigobert express outrage at gang rape
Left to right: Human Services Minister ALvina Reynolds, Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert.
Left to right: Human Services Minister ALvina Reynolds, Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert.
Left to right: Human Services Minister ALvina Reynolds, Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert.

Reports that two young females gang-raped by three unknown men on Monday in Rodney Bay, and other recent cases of sexual assault and rape has caused widespread outrage.

Human Service Minister Alvina Reynolds has expressed concerns about the recent incident and said she wants to the perpetrators of this crime to face the full force of the law.

“We are equal partners in this country and one group cannot be seen different or disrespected and violated again and again. This has to stop,” Reynold remarked.

The minister also said now might be the best time to start a conversation on proposing a new legislation, authorizing personal safety weapons for women in St. Lucia.

“I want to think now is the time we begin to speak about how women can protect themselves. Fight back…using pepper spray and other weapons,” Reynolds told HTS News Force.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert has also expressed concern over the recent incident, stating that she has no tolerance for it and that the society should adopt the same stance.

“We should take a stance, and the powers that be need to send a strong message to would be rapists that they will feel the full brunt of the law,” Rigobert said.

The opposition leader suggested that government start to allocate adequate resources to all related agencies to make the necessary intervention and help to reduce the high incidence of rape.

Dr. Rigobert also highlighted the need for government to better equip law enforcement, to pursue these matters rigorously, instead of pumping all the resources into the infrastructure sector.

Two females, both 16 years old, were gang-raped by three unknown males on Monday, between 10:00 and10:30 p.m. at an apartment in Reduit Orchard, Rodney Bay.

Police said one male was armed with a gun and the females were also robbed of certain items. The men used their t-shirts to cover their faces, while they raped these young women.

Police have launched an investigation into this matter.


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  1. We the educated one that other look up to or depend on for guidance are primarily responsible for most of the immoral practices taking place within our society but would be the first to deny it.
    We have sadly abused and misled the general public on the moral definition of "rights and freedom" in order to support our weaknesses or vices.
    The public is constantly fed television shows that depicts extreme violence, rapes, murders and immoral behaviors.
    If spoken out against these shows, many of us educated individuals will come to the defense of such shows claiming rights and freedom of expression.
    The public is brainwashed to the point that some become confused make these shows a living reality.
    The idea that our rights are limitless and as leaders and role models we do not have a sense of moral obligation is the root cause for most of these problems.
    Of course many of us will quick to deny it. That is the world we the leaders have created.


  2. OK we missing Emma to comment I guess. SMH That statement should not even make news. We all condemn the rape. WHAT HAVE ANY OF THESE WOMEN EVER DONE IN THE LAST 5 YEARS OR PROPOSED TO HELP WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY? Alvina what law, what strategy, what plan do u have to stop or avoid a repeat? ITS TIME THESE POLITICIANS REALISE THEY ARE THERE TO PUT POLICIES, LAWS AND REGULATIONS TO HELP PROTECT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS.


  3. Stop talking and do something. Elections round the corner soon you will hear the PM with his hands on his chest how much he feels for the family of the victims...bull pure bull. Those in Gov both sides rape the citizens of StLucia daily, tourism too.


  4. Create the sex offender registry. All names of convicted rapist or child molesters should be published in the Government Gazette. Shame them after you catch the, then they will behave themselves.


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