Reward offered for recovery of lost item (notice)

Reward offered for recovery of lost item (notice)
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Photo for illustration purposes only.
Photo for illustration purposes only.

My wife lost her phone and purse this afternoon in ciceron next to the Deliverance Baptist Church. Appealing to anyone who would have the phone and the purse to bring it to the church or call Bro Zac at 7208044.

My wife needs her purse because it has all her cards, ID, Drivers licence receipt in there. The phone is important to her because she has photos of our new born on there.

I do have a reward for the person returning all the items to us.

Please, please return to us and it is Christmas it’s a time to think of the many blessings God gives to us.


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  1. How can someone LOSE a PURSE and a PHONE by a church? Was the PURSE STOLEN OR NOT ??? Is not like a PURSE is a wedding ring that can fall an get LOST. This story doesn't make sense. SMH.


  2. There are some truly wonderful people whose honesty can change your outlook on the human spirit. I left a handbag in a taxi and the driver did not notice it until he returned home late in the evening. I was unaware that I had lost it. Tired, he returned it to me that same day! It had my all my worldly goods, house keys, money, passport and irreplaceable things. He only wanted his return fare as a reward. I was as happy as someone who had won the lottery!

    I pray the person who found your purse and mobile phone ( with this appeal) has a pricked conscience and return then to you. I believe the universe rewards us for our honesty and purity of spirit one hundredfold!


    • Don't worry about the reward as it is waiting for you in Heaven.
      The way you ask about the reward gives the impression that you are Mr. or Mrs. Ebenezer Scrooge.


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