Revised standards for tobacco labels in effect

Revised standards for tobacco labels in effect
It is now mandatory that tobacco products have graphic warnings which point to the dangers of cigarette smoke on their labelling.

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) has revised the standard for labelling tobacco products on the island.

The change was implemented on August 16.

It is now mandatory that tobacco products have graphic warnings which point to the dangers of cigarette smoke on their labelling.

Hubert Reynolds of the SLBS Head Compliance Department said vendors with tobacco products shipped prior to the August 16 change will be allowed to sell their products until they are finished.

“Consignments coming into St. Lucia from August 16th where the bill of laden is dated before August 16th of this year, we will use the old standard to evaluate those labels. So consumers will continue to see the old labels on the market, however, we expect, in the next six months that we will start seeing an introduction of products that carry the new label,” he said.

Reynolds stated that the health department will also be looking to revise legislation with a view to reduce the impact of smoking, as is being done internationally.

“The Ministry of Health is also working on legislation to prevent people from smoking indoors. So you would see, in terms of public buildings, the passing [of] laws to reduce the impact of second-hand smoke,” he said.

The Bureau of Standards will be monitoring tobacco products coming through Customs and what is being sold by retailers to ensure that laws are adhered to.

The Bureau has the authority to prevent tobacco products from entering the island which are not up to standard.


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  1. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    Dear friends, if we don't feel guilty, we can come to God with bold confidence.

    – 1 John 3: 21


  2. Not everything americans do that we should do too. That you all focusing on? Anybody want to see that when they go to a supermarket?


    • In the uk, they are not even allowed to show the packets on the shelf because the pics are too graphic, maybe the same will be here.
      It was 15 yrs ago it was at a night club in st.lucia and small 5 cig packs were given out for people to try. Of coarse everyone lit them.


  3. Good job St Lucia Bureau of Standards. I was always of the view that smokers should use designated areas if they choose to smoke. Thank you


    • Why can't the bureau of standards make the label for weed smoking as well, because these days I only hear great things about weed. Weed may be ok for you in small doses like alcohol but the smoke mixed with tobacco and no filter.... yikes.
      Go ahead give this a thumbs down. Because someone will say there's no side effects to smoking weed, go ahead fool ur self.

      For soft drinks put on the label this drink contains 4 or 5 teaspoons of sugar, it will make you kid bounce off the walls, and rot their teeth, eventually they will get diabetes and die if they consume too much sugar.


  4. I think that the same should be done for alcohol and sodas/soft drinks, let us tell the people the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


  5. The bureau of standard should find more important things to do cause I think the standard of living in st Lucia should be updated .encourage a better standard of living tobacco is a choice not an obligations


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