Review of national shooting competition

Review of national shooting competition

The St. Lucia Shooting Association held its monthly national shooting competition for members on Sunday, April 7, 2013.

The event was held at the Bordelais Shooting Range and was sponsored by Joseph’s Trucking Company.

Five stages were set up and were eagerly contested by members including Tourism Minister Lorne Theophilus who continues to render immeasurable service and support for the sport.

At the end of the match the results were as follows:

STAGE 1 – Hand Over

Winner – Julius Polius 45.00 pts
2nd – Arthur Scott 41.44 pts
3rd – Ajid Jankie 40.09 pts
4th – Everett Deterville 35.00 pts
5th-  Dylan Best 34.05 pts

STAGE 2 – Get Up

Winner – Leonard Reynolds 35.00 pts
2nd – Jean- Renee Du Boulay 34.87 pts
3rd – Lennox Mondesir 33.11 pts
4th – Arthur Scott 31.54 pts
5th – Ian Henville 26.26pts

STAGE 3 – Move Over

Winner – Jean- Renee Du Boulay 45.00pts
2nd – Arthur Scott 42.71pts
3rd – Leonard Reynolds 36.11pts
4th – Everett Deterville 35.49pts
5th – Lyndon Arnold 33.78pts

STAGE 4-UP and Down

Winner – Leonard Reynolds 55.00pts
2nd – Hon. Lorne Theophilus 49.91pts
3rd – Arthur Scott 46.68pts
4th – Jean- Renee Du Boulay 46.56pts
5th – Ajid Jankie 41.32pts

STAGE 5-Trim’s Stable

Winner – Everett Deterville 55.00pts
2nd – Jamie Serieux 45.45pts
3rd – Christopher Thakur 45.08pts
4th – Lennox Mondesir 44.55pts
5th – Hon. Lorne Theophilus 42.36pts


First Place – Arthur Scott 203.91pts
Second Place – Jean- Renee Du Boulay 176.88pts
Third Place – Julius Polius 171.21pts
Fourth Place – Leonard Reynolds 166.59pts
Fifth Place – Dylan Best 164.47pts
Sixth Place – Hon. Lorne Theophilus 159.81pts




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