Review of book “Under the Mango Tree” by Gyanchand Rayman

Review of book “Under the Mango Tree” by Gyanchand Rayman

0c95ebbf-516f-48b0-82a1-3e8f828419b1PRESS RELEASE – Come January 3rd 2016, Juelle P Cadette is releasing yet another fascinating short story entitled “Under the Mango Tree.”

Now, if you have read any of Juelle’s stories: “Boutine,” “Where was La Reine Born?” or any other, you would readily endorse my claim that Juelle pins down in words, complex human emotions. She has an eye for detail, a sensitivity to the nuances of emotion, a flair for drama, and the skill to weave these together into the fabric of a captivating and memorable story. “Under the Mango Tree” provides ample demonstration of her ability to tell a story like a maestro.

Here is a peek at the story. Jon and wife, Sylvain, was a happily married couple. Yes, like regular folks, they have had their blissful moments, their domestic comforts. But life is not static and marriage cannot be all honey and milk, so they too have faced difficult times and had their thirst slaked with vinegar. The couple, after some years of marriage, remained childless.

Miscarriages, and an unfortunate experience, deprived them of the joy of parenthood. Jon yearned for a child, to be a loving father in contrast to the way he was deprived of love as a child. He became disenchanted with his wife losing her pregnancies, and feared going through that painful experience which had become a pattern. Eventually, he and his wife drifted apart.

But Nature abhors voids. Something always comes to fill a vacant space. Thus, the stage was set for a third party to fill the gap. So enters Mellisa, an artist, and Jon instantly became mesmerized by her beauty and refreshing personality. The artist’s liberal spirit cemented the union and the erstwhile, relative tranquility Jon had with his wife was shattered. Upheaval was inevitable, explosions imminent. Their lives were now at risk and there was no safe way out.

The story takes a dramatic turn, it races on, the energy increases, and the action intensifies as the problem escalates. The reader, at this point, with bated breath will be glued to his chair and read the story through to its final word. Why is the story entitled “Under the Mango Tree” you may ask? That is a surprise left for you to find out. But be assured that thereafter, for years to come, when you see a sprawling mango tree the curious thought will cross your mind: “I wonder, what’s under that mango tree?” This is a story to delight you.

Read and enjoy.


Under the Mango Tree is set to be released, virtually, on Sunday January 3rd 2016 at It will be free to read. You can follow Juelle’s journey as a writer through her official facebook page: Juelle PCadette.


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