REVENGE SEX: I’ve cheated on him with five different guys

REVENGE SEX: I’ve cheated on him with five different guys

Dear Willie: We’ve been together for almost four years. He’s my first real boyfriend and the only guy I’ve ever dated.

I’m 25 now and he’s 27. We’ve been through so much together and our relationship has had its ups and downs. I wish I could say I love him but at this point in our relationship I am certain that I don’t. I am not attracted to him anymore. I find it difficult to kiss him and even rarely have sex with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I care for him a lot to a point where I don’t want to see him get hurt, especially not by me, hence the reason I am in this situation.

In our second year of being together, he cheated on me despite the fact that he confessed his undying love for me, and promised me that he would never hurt me. That’s where it all went wrong; after he cheated Willie I found out, and after confronting him several times about it, he still denied.

I felt so broken-hearted. I tried to leave him but after all he had done to me I still found it in my heart to try and forgive him so I stayed. But I have to admit that up to a day like today, I have not forgiven him Willie and I don’t think I will ever.

After that our relationship was never the same to me. I just felt like I had to take revenge, therefore I cheated on him and two years later.  I’ve cheated on him with five different guys, and don’t worry, yes I’ve been using protection all the time, but although I know it’s wrong,  I can’t stop. It’s like I’m addicted to it.

I’ve tried breaking up with him in the past many times Willie but he keeps finding ways of getting me to come back and with our history together I also find it hard to up and leave. He’s also the type of guy who likes avoiding his problems. He knows I don’t love him Willie and he know I cheated but he doesn’t know that I still cheat. It’s like he’s looking beyond all of that.

I feel really bad for what I’m doing to him because he treats me real nice and also gives me anything I asks him for, as long as it’s within his reach, whereas I never do anything for him, despite the fact that I work and make a decent salary. I have never made the effort to put gas in his car despite the fact that he transports me to and from work Monday to Friday.

I know I sound like a really bad person but to me all this is his punishment for cheating on me and making me feel the way I felt. But right now I am depressed, I want out of the relationship, but I really don’t want to see him get hurt.

I’m not really seeking advice since I know exactly what I have to do, but I just want to hear the readers’ opinions about my situation.

Beautiful and Troubled

Dear Beautiful and Troubled:

I am so sorry about how your situation has turned out. I am also happy that you have acknowledged what you have done wrong and what you’re doing wrong.

Don’t continue to use this guy as it might backfire. Tell him it’s over and let him give you some space. I am pleased that you used protection while you cheated with five different men. I also hope he used protection when he cheated as well.

I will also be curious to see what my readers have to say.


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  1. i believe you will still continue sleeping around even if you'll separate for good . first try to break the addiction then settle with one person. if you dont ull be more depress in the near future


  2. some women are just a bunch of jack-a..! u let other men ... u for revenge? where is the logic in that? you've disrespected your boyfriend in the worst possible way! karma is gonna pay u a visit, U ......


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  4. uuummm umm, when ever you are in a relationship and your partner cheats on you the best thing to do is to leave don't degrade yourself by sleeping with others because someone hurt you. you have destroy your self worth. take a break and find yourself and you are going to find that special person who would treat you right. playing the field and eating that forbidden fruit will not help


  5. listen sweetie first of all when you found out about his cheating it may of been hard to leave and let go .the pain and hurt may of build up overtime and has now caused u to be in a maze and therefore u have now become no different than he is when paying him back with his own medicine is your only solution to your pain but no it has added far as i see its best u guys go your separate ways and carry on with your lives and now u need to seek serious help with getting rid of those guy you're seeing because trust me this wont make it any better .just remember the longest rope has an end hummmm


  6. anynomous u are so disgusting u must be gay u hav all dat to say bout lucian girls dats if u hav a woman or know wat between a woman legs looks like you dirty bastard. not all women are da same asshole who are yu to judge. you will die with aids before any st lucian girl saloop dats if u not imfected saloop chien la wi


  7. You should get out of the relationship trust me. you may think he knows about the five other men but i doubt it. No man will accept that. He may accept it now, but later down the line he's gonna remember and throw it in your face at every chance especially if you settle with him. toooooo much damage has been done. Get out now or allow God into your life and your relationship. Believe me I know. never mind the names you have been called here today we all make mistakes but God forgives each and everyone. LIES, GOSSIP, THEFT, FORNICATION, ADULTERY, MURDER AND THE LIST GOES ON. HE WHO HAS NOT SINNED, LET HIM CALL YOU NAMES...


  8. My girl, take it from me get out of the relationship cause it will never be the same. He may be okay now but later down the line he's gonna throw it in your face daily. There is too much damage there you have to move on. Move on my girl. Move on...


  9. The two of yall were made for each other. The only person(s) i feel sorry for are the poor dude(s) you give whatever you catch when you catch it. Get a grip. In this day and age you ca be sleeping around so. Very risky behaviour pal. Condoms are not full or fool proof.


  10. Son of Helen, u one of them sick people just like her. I'm sure u're that ..that wrote that letter to willie. ..


  11. Trust me woman, this does not sound as if you started running around after he cheated, it appears it has always been in you to engage in such practices, look to the home where you were raise, it may have been the caused of your current behaviour, you may have been exposed to such behaviour while growing up as a child, it sound as if its an addition and stop blaming it your man, you need inner healing and help, I really want to know what your life will be like 10 years from now. trust me that your inner spirit will push every good guy away from you and your other option is you may have no choice to be subjecting your life to easy cum easy go.... repent and give your heart to christ