Reunion Primary School wins youth app development competition (photos added)

Reunion Primary School wins youth app development competition (photos added)

(PRESS RELEASE) – Young people around the island were awarded the opportunity to engage and develop innovative computing applications that addresses everyday problems through an app development competition.

Yapathon, a youth app development programme, allows students the opportunity to challenge their creativity and coding skills, while producing applications concerning issues at their schools.

The Reunion Primary School was chosen as the winner of the pilot phase of the Yapathon programme, and received its award at a small presentation ceremony recently.

Coordinator of the National Awards of Excellence Kentillia Louis said the app development competition allows students to have the power to create tools that will assist in their education and development of themselves.

“We felt that looking at the issues that the schools face, because the ministry is not only about the academic development of students, but we are also about making sure that we have the social needs as well; what they need in terms of helping them to be well adjusted, to deal with issues that they may face. Again, innovation has been a major aspect that we have been trying to push in the ministry. We felt that with the thrust towards using IT, in terms of education and of course knowing that young people are very much into apps, it was time to get students involved,” she said.

The Reunion Primary School developed an application named Snapout, aimed at addressing the issue of bullying at the school.

Principal of the Reunion Primary School Anthia Lafeuille said she is extremely pleased and delighted to reap the success and work of the students.

“The project that the students participated in was one whereby we felt that the school environment was threatened by bullying, and so, it was a matter of finding an appropriate app, hence the term “Snap out” where they are going to stop now, act and plan so that we can get rid of bullying at the school,” said the Reunion Primary School principal.

The Youth app development competition is a collaboration between the Division of Education and Advanced Intellectual Methods Inc, AIM.


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