Results for UWP Anse La Raye/Canaries Constituency runoff


PRESS RELEASE – In its continued preparation for the next General Election, Anse La Raye/Canaries Constituency Branch of the United Workers Party held the first phase of its Candidate Selection process on Thursday, 9th April 2015 at the Jackmel Community Centre.

The three (3) persons who were contesting to represent the United Workers Party at the net General Elections were (1) Amatus Edwards, (2) Dominic Fedee and (3) Heremenegild Francis.

Before the votes were cast, the each candidate made an 8 minute presentation to the Constituency Branch on their Vision and way forward for the Constituency if chosen as the Candidate.

The process was conducted by secret Ballot.

Out of 99 Branch Members eligible to participate in the process, 85 votes were cast with Mr. Dominic Fedee emerging as the winning Candidate with a total of 50 votes.  Mr. Heremenegild Francis came in second with a total of 34 votes.

There was 1 spoilt ballot.


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  1. Its sad lucians still think like u "hell no" does it matter? The guy is a citizen of the country like any other. Thats why we lucias not moving foward we to shallow minded give d man a break!!! ......


  2. There isn't any suitable cadidates in anse la raye of canaries to represent st.lucia? Only a slick Guyanese? St.Lucians open your eyes, we have produced 2 Nobel laureates, have educated thousands of people, and yet we cannot get a suitable candidate. Well if that is the case then any person from any country can become prime minister. There isn't anyway a lucian can go to Guyana and run for a seat. I don't care how long they have been in the country.


    • Who is the Guyanese you are referring to here sir? I agree with you. We do need to produce our own candidates in St lucia who are St Lucians to represent us in St Lucia.
      Talking of which the leader of the opposition was not born in St Lucia and quite possibly does not like to be classified as St Lucian - He will be St Lucian only when it suits him- for political purposes. Both parties need to have St Lucian born and bred candidates on board to represent them. It's the way forward.This man does not even speak our Kwayol language.

      I would like to know which one of the candidates is Guyanese..


  3. Hermangild Francis is an opportunist. How could this man think that anyone will vote for him when his brother is the deputy chairman of the Labour party? What is wrong with this guy? I am happy to hear that the people of Anse La Raye/Canaries rejected him. That is the best news for the people of ALR/Canaries.

    Hermangild is a hothead and does not stand for anything. I think he is forgetting too quickly. It was not that long ago his brother was accusing a certain MP of the opposition of plotting against him. Now he is in cahoots with them. What are you trying to prove Herman?It's people like you who is putting people off politics.Who will trust a man who freely switches allegiances without good reason? The simple answer is - No One.

    Perhaps Herman should go back to becoming a cop or becoming a football coach. He was once a brilliant footballer and cricketer. Revenge politics is not for you sir. Stick to what you know and can do best.The noble profession of politics just isn't for you Herman. Whatever it is you are going through try to work it out. Please do not take it out on the party in power by switching to the party in opposition. That will not work and you know it Herman..Stay out of politics sir!!!!

    In the meantime Congratulations To Fedee.


  4. What will th GT say to the people of Anse la raye canaries the battle is to win the general election


  5. All insignificant dots are taking the nrcessay step enshrining themselves as representative dignitaries. The intergrity offorded by this honour legitimizes to speak on behalf of. That legitimization cannot be granted by a party no matter how popular, that is of course, if it is not Mr A. Chastnet and the UWP. Mr. Chas. I think the time is nigh to either shape in or shape out.


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