Results for community series cycling competition

Results for community series cycling competition
2014 Dennery race.
2014 Dennery race.

PRESS RELEASE – The second leg of the Community series was a tough race on Sunday on the Dennery village circuit. A total of 13 riders registered after uncertainty with the weather.

Seniors did 25 laps (80km or 50 miles) with a 1km climb every lap, Juveniles completed 20 laps (64km or 39.77miles). The 1km uphill of La Pointe proved very challenging for the riders. Only 8 riders finished the event.

Kurt Maraj emerged victorious for the second week in a row, after breaking away and staying away for the last 12 laps, finishing in a time of 3hrs 10mins 43.50 seconds

The pair of Kirk Maraj and Winston Williams were in pursuit of Kurt most of the time, with Fidel Esnard unable to get into his big Chain Ring, trailing by 5 minutes at one time, but able to close the gap and overtaking Winston Williams, who started suffering with cramps on the last lap.

Fidel came in third, 7 minutes 2 seconds behind Kurt. Kirk held on for second place, 6 minutes 52 seconds back, and Williams was 4th at 7 minutes 43 seconds off the pace.

In the Juveniles Janick Paul of Excellers completed the 64km in 3 hrs 13 minutes 29.97 seconds followed by Calixte Williams just 4 seconds back. Dave Charlery the winner of last weekend’s Juvenile category was the only Juvenile to survive the first two laps with the seniors, but had to abandon, complaining of not feeling well.

The only tinymite (13/14 year old) Kluivert Mitchel completed his 10 laps 32km in 1hr 34mins 53 secs.


Open 80km


Ist Kurt Maraj                            3hrs 10mins 43.50secs

2nd Kirk Maraj                          6mins 52secs behind

3rd Fidel Esnard                        7mins 2 secs behind

4th Elvis Joseph                        35mins 6 secs behind

5th Kenneth Mathurin             51mins 43 secs behind


Juveniles 64km


1st Janick Paul                            3hrs 13mins 29.97 secs

2nd Calixte Williams                  4 secs behind



13 to 14 Category 32km


1st Kluivert Mitchel                    1hr 34mins 53 secs


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