Result of CPL final stands after protest by Amazon Warriors

Result of CPL final stands after protest by Amazon Warriors
CPL’s Cricket Tournament Committee is headed by former Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) — The results of the finals of the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) between Guyana Amazon Warriors and Barbados Tridents will not be reversed or declared null and void, organizers have announced.

CPL’s Cricket Tournament Committee, headed by former Jamaica Prime Minister PJ Patterson, made the ruling following a protest from Amazon Warriors, the beaten finalist.

Warriors lost the rain-hit game by eight runs via the Duckworth-Lewis method but had complained that the rules were not properly applied.

The committee made its decision after reviewing match referee Denavon Hayles’s report as well as arguments raised by the Amazon Warriors in writing.



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  1. No man controls the weather that's why Duckworth Lewis filled the void. Both teams agreed to the rules from start of tournament now Guyana loses and wants to change the rules. It doesn't work that way if it did murderers and their lawyers could shift the goal posts in the middle of a trial and walk free. Guyana were spoilsports if the shoe was on the other foot they would not be amused if Bdos protested the result. Good to see the result stands. Both teams were equally strong they both deserve to be in the finals. Only one could win. Barbados won. Tridents should be congratulated not met with disgraceful unsportsmanlike behavior first by Ramdin then the team and management of GAW.


  2. When will the Caribbean be up to international premier league standards with these types of outcomes for a FINAL match? No where else you hear these type of controversial calls and results. Only in the Caribbean. smfh


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