Restoring Hope: Happy 40th Independence (poem by Titoa Savery)

Restoring Hope: Happy 40th Independence (poem by Titoa Savery)
Titoa Savery

Mama Helen holds her head and bawls, unable to comprehend why is it that after 40 years of gaining independence, her children are left in tears, fighting for freedom, and trying desperately to not be plunged into a life of slavery forced upon them by a stepson who became the ruler.

As she sits on 238 square miles, her glorious white sandy beaches, luscious green mountains, and heartwarming people among many other attributes, are being threatened and can easily become no more, simply because of poor governance and the failure to put country before self; but despite all her unfavorable conditions, she hopes to reel forward.

Mother Helen can no longer bear her pain silently, nor can she silence the cries and anguish of her people. She tries hopelessly to cling to her plans for the nation. To believe, that regardless of stagnancy, that her children will remember who they are as a people, what they represent and that her wish to one day see them living peacefully will not be in vain; but as the days go by, that hope slowly diminishes…

Crime cuts through her heart like a knife.
Poor healthcare facilities.
Lack of youth empowerment.
Little to no job creation.
The giving away of her children’s lands to strangers has left open wounds in every part of her body, causing her to bleed senselessly.

40 years after being fought for 7 times by the British and 7 times by the French, (which explains the reason for having two languages spoken on the island: English and broken French Creole), Mother Helen sits questioning where did she go wrong, but more importantly how can she turn things around. She looks around and bows her head in pain, wondering if humanity could be restored to her beautiful country again.

She prays that nothing will separate her children, for they are destined to thrive, not because of governance, but because if not, one day they will understand, respect and appreciate all that she is, has, and will continue to provide.

Tooth and nail she is prepared to fight, for if she wasn’t conquered by the British and the French, this is yet another fight that she can survive! But in order for THAT to happen she needs the support of ALL of her children! They MUST give her what she has given to them and that depends on what they believe she needs and deserves.

This is the time to put OUR country FIRST. FORGET the colors of Red and Yellow and REMEMBER:
“Blue, White, Black, and Yellow”!
Remember the pledge of allegiance!
The Coat of Arms!
And ALL that we stand for as a people!

I come to you my children with a heavy heart and ask that we put all our differences aside and work together to take back what is RIGHTFULLY ours. I ask that we give new meaning to the word INDEPENDENCE as we get set to celebrate 40 years of being FREE!


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  1. How about yall actually get up from your buts and actually do something for your country this clean the road side of trim a tree with overhanging branches in your area. Calling all parasites living on the back of thia country! Time to step up and do something with deeper meaning than flying a flag on your car! Just my observation.


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