RESOLVED: WASCO workers to get paid

RESOLVED: WASCO workers to get paid

The five-day waiting issue between the management of the Water and Sewerage Company Incorporated (WASCO) and its monthly and fortnightly paid workers represented by the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association and the National Workers Union (NWU) is over.

Today, the labour minister chaired a meeting held at the Department of Labour between representatives of WASCO and the NWU. After brief discussions, WASCO agreed that it would make good on payments to workers from the week of December 17, 2012.

“The workers were addressed by the leadership of the NWU and CSA at a general meeting during which the information was conveyed and accepted by both bargaining units.  The workers have since decided to discontinue waiting.

“It is sad that we had to wait so long and it is unfortunate that we went through a five-day period.  However, the NWU and CSA are pleased with the settlement,” the NWU said in a press release.

Last week the workers decided to wait after a request was made to management regarding the payment of retroactive pay due to them. The back pay is as a result of an industrial agreement negotiated between the parties that would come to an end in December 2012.

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  1. So the poor guys had to kick butt to collect their own monies? Respect to all the workers who stoop up and say enough is enough,a little demonstration can go a long way.


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