Residents upset with decision to erect chain at Rudy John Beach

Residents upset with decision to erect chain at Rudy John Beach

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Residents and business owners in Laborie are questioning the Laborie Village Council’s decision to erect a chain across the ramp leading to the Rudy John Beach Park, which take effective next week.

One of the residents, who requested anonymity, said it was confirmed that the reason behind erecting the chain, is to block vehicular access to the beach. “It was further said that the decision came about as vehicles are causing damage to the beach,” the resident explained.

However, residents said a town hall meeting has never been scheduled as to inform persons of the blockage, neither has business owners been summoned to any meeting, yet the decision has been made final.

“On Thursday last week the council on its own, employed two young men to build a step, which they indicated would give access to residents and visitors,” another resident claims.

No one was informed or consulted before the step was built either. “I suppose it’s a “one man show” do as I say,” the concerned resident told this publication.

Residents now have a list of questions they hope the council could answer. The first question being asked is: “Who has given them the authority to undertake such a project?”

“As residents don’t we have the right to know what taking place in our community?

They are also questioning the arrangements made for the parking of vehicles and their safety, and are curious about whether security officers will be employed to guard the vehicles.

They also want to know if the council will place lifeguards on the beach and if any arrangements will be made for the elderly and the senior citizens who frequent the beach.

But more importantly, residents are concerned about whether the council has taken into consideration facilitating the police, fire or ambulance service in cases of emergencies.

“Now, was that decision made in the best interest of the public and residents?” a resident questioned.

The resident opined that all beaches on the island are public and there should be a point of entry and exit for each.

Efforts to contact the Laborie Town Council proved futile.

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  1. Restricting vehicular access to the beach is long overdue. However, an access is necessary to accommodate the disabled individuals, medical units and the police. The issue from what I have read, is not whats being done but how its being done. The council does not seem to grasp the concept of transparency through proper communication. The beach belongs to the people and as such they should be informed of any changes that would be taking place on their turf. This is a project and as such ALL stakeholders must be engaged. The council should do their work and get buy in on the project from negative stakeholders by justifying the need of said project.


  2. That council is a one man show. What they say goes.Corruption is still rife. Using state resources concrete roads built all the way to your garages. Better Days for some my driveway on the other hand is still awaiting some attention maybe before election there will be a miracle.


  3. there is always a story about Rudy john beach if its not the coconut trees its rubbish on the beach now is chain....what the hell wrong wit those ppl gasa....the shate they build there that they have to look into baytiz


  4. why all of a sudden, laborie pple are so concern about the beach? if u look at the beach on any weekend, u will see the amount of vehicles parked on the beach. one must look at the sea bathers and their space. they can't play cricket or football how they want. y? vehicle hindrances. those vehicles are parked in the picnic area n no one sees a problem with that. vehicles don't bathe, pple do. park ur dam vehicles by the road and walk to he beach. secondly, when that beach area was all abandoned and bushy, inmates from the jail came down there either in '98 or'99 thereabouts and cleared the area. we placed 12 lunch benches there. ohhhh! it was beautiful. laborians lauded the place. do u know what happened? some unscrupulous person or persons either carried or destroyed those benches. i was in laborie sometime two weeks aback and do u know where i saw one? just past cross over field going towards the guesthouse on the right side being used by a fisherman. and i could safely say i saw some fishermen using those benches they carried from where it was , to bring close to their home for fishing purposes. not one concern or appear to be concerned citizen made a report to the council or the police. the benches were for laborians to use for picnic purposes on the beach. mr council man, put ur chains. y should citizens be concern about a chain when they dont even care about the structures place there? be pro active than be reactionary. when a vehicle will knock down someone or a mishap occurs, they laborians will clamour for that very same chain to restrict access. wow! i say put the chains. mind u, u all are concern about emergency vehicles. that council has that in place. if needs be, that aspect will be taken care of. park ur dam vehicles by the road and walk to the beach. i will agree with the council there, jus ike i disagreed about the cutting of the trees because there was no rational.


  5. yes about time they did that ... too many vehicles on da beach preventing ppl from getting a space


  6. As a resident of Laborie, I support limiting vehicle access to the beach. However, there needs to be arrangements made for alternative parking if such an initiative is taken. Maybe if they hadn't built that centre or given beach front property to friends there would be space to put those vehicles. Also the Village Council needs to communicate with the community on matters and stop acting like dictators. If they communicated with the public they wouldn't have egg on their face every time they tried to do their job.


  7. "Jack don't want me to bathe on my beach. Jack tell them to keep me out of reach. Strengthen security and build barricade. Tell Jack that I say that the beach belong to we."


  8. Reducing cars driving on the sand is a good decision to safeguard the long term health of the beach. But to just start by erecting a chain across an area where people have been accustomed to driving through without public dissemination on the benefits, discussion about the plan for access by emergency vehicles and persons of limited mobility is a concern. The Council needs to be more proactive in disseminating information to the public and a process of incorporating their concerns into ongoing decision making. Come on Laborie, home of community participation and mobilization, represent!


  9. Now that is the kind of slavery we need to denounce. We enslaving our own people ourselves. We worried about England and those white people who brought us from Africa (thank god for that) and instead we freely enjoy what we have we chaining it. Shame on the decision makers of this country shame on all u


  10. This cannot be right....I thought the purpose of the Council was for the people (citizen of st.lucia) interest. But what benefit do they get?


  11. 'on who's authority" and who is making these decisions? Why don't the council find ways to beautify the beach, place additional bins along the beach for proper disposal of Waste.


  12. I just love how these laborie residents stand up for their community. ..I wish it was so in all communities in St lucia, then we would have a say in what should and should not be done..then our country would really be democratic like it is supposed to be... Please continue the fight for your community and other st lucian should start doing the same


  13. Shate alone that is happening...the beach belongs to the public....not the council....carry the beach on yourlk back and put it in your home


  14. wam to that council? let a public beach remain a public beach, don't treat it like someones personal property. looks like in the near future some people will be restricted entry gosh man..


    • SLP educates Saint Lucians for 2nd class citizenship. See how many temporary STEP jobs were created from the invisible $100,000,000. Only those with big buck$ will in this SLP dispensation be first class citizens.
      When our lands are not being given free of cost to foreigners, we pay extra VAT in order for them to make a profit to hire hotel maids and bell hops. SLP sold Saint Lucians like the tribes in Africa a long time ago. Again, these are the 'Better days'.


        • Observer.. dont be a fool, read what the person is saying and you will understand..or go back to school. any ways ......u sell the beach you sell part of st.lucia. and who has the right to sell st.lucia NOBODY. ThIS TYPE OF SALE WILL ALL WAY HAVE PROBLEMS BECAUSE ITS NOBODYS. ITS ONLY FOR THE PEOLPLE OF ST.LUCIA AND THATS IT.


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