Residents of Upper Bois Jolie, Dennery to undertake community road project

Residents of Upper Bois Jolie, Dennery to undertake community road project

The residents of Upper Bois Jolie, Dennery will on Thursday April 9, 2015, through a self-help initiative, undertake overdue and necessary remedial works to the upper Bois Jolie dirt road leading to the dead-end near the WASCO water tank.

This is from its junction of the concrete ring road to lower Glavier Road from the Dennery SDA church. Work is scheduled to commence from 08:00.a.m through to 11:00.a.m.

This relief has been very much sought after by the residents,who have been agitating for it through requests that have been made of the Ministry of Infrastructure Port Services and Transport and respective representative parliamentarians.

The requests have all gone unheeded for decades.

The road was constructed in the early eighties(lacking adequate drainage) at the time the lands were being developed for sale as residential lots by the Mabouya Valley Development Project.

Over the years following its construction, there has been persistent degradation of the road surface for almost three decades,thus leading to its current deplorable state.

Consequently,the impatient residents came together in January of 2015,to decide on a definitive course of action in order to alleviate their plight.It was agreed to procure material and equipment time for the undertaking.

Upon completion, it is hoped there will be some much needed comfort to the residents, pedestrians and motor vehicles.


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  1. After 20 years which developer would fix roads, makes no business sense. Just not feasible. Government need to take over these roads after a period of time; i suggest 5 years.
    All the residents in these communities are tax payers and pay all licences and other vehicle and road related axes.


  2. yeah. its a private road as per it being sold as residential land through a development. government dont fix private roads ppl. it the developer or residents' responsibility. its their road really


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