Residents disapprove of plans to remove coconut trees from Rudy John Beach

Residents disapprove of plans to remove coconut trees from Rudy John Beach


Several residents have expressed their disappointment with plans to remove coconut trees along the Rudy John beach in Laborie.

But an official from the Laborie Town Council said that the coconut trees pose a threat to both tourists and locals, who often times visit the beach.

The official, who asked not to be named, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that a tourist was recently injured after a coconut from one of the trees fell and hit him in the head.

In an effort to avoid this from happening again, the town council with the permission of the National Conservation Authority (NCA) decided that they will remove a few of the coconut trees.

However, residents said that removing the trees is not the best way to prevent this from happening. Some of them have suggested that the town council place warning signs along the beach.

One resident said, “There are many houses situated along the beach front and they all are disgusted with the decision.  Does that mean that the government will be removing all the coconut trees in SLU?”

Another resident, Mrs. Collinson, told SNO that the coconut trees are the main attraction for the local beach and residents are upset with the move. She said it is a landmark and should be kept that way.

A notice has been placed in the area informing residents that all 27 coconut trees will be removed.


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  1. That is so stupid. Destroying the island's beauty for a tourist. If they could do that then they can sell their own children. What does the parliamentary representative have to say about this as Minister of Foreign affairs or local affairs.


    • The public safety threat needs to be protected from fruit-bearing trees. Why is there government inaction about breadfruit trees and mango trees, a threat not only to humans but to our chickens and horses.


  2. As a CDN visitor to your island for a month,I love the beautiful trees .Many people escape the cold winter months to come to your island.

    Your island is beautiful as are the Lucians.Please listen to their concerns.

    We were in Mexico many years ago and a coconut fell on our daughter's head and this tree was on the resort.We all had a great laugh and no damage was done!

    Pls keep the trees...once they're gone that's it.


    • Boy that Village council has so much corruption and hate i would name a few but awa. People 100 years old have huge positions in laborie they are sick but they still want money. Let the young generations Breathe. One of them 100 years old (exaggeration) have a contract to build a road costing million plus my goodness


  3. Sign the petition. Less talk. More Action


  4. They just need to have a scheduling of removing the coconut in the tree. At my last work they did that and work out pretty good. Also I have travel to other Caribbean island and saw it done already.


  5. Use signs to warn persons of falling coconuts AND branches. In fact because we have tourists visiting the beach, be sure to have signs in English, French, Spanish, and German. It is unfortunate that the council has decided to undertake such a task. Did they consult with Forestry department, Parks and Beaches Commission or NGOs for guidance? Will these trees be replaced with shorter ones? Is there a plan in place for beach erosion? Think carefully before taking the bold, stupid step!


  6. Another load of rubbish, the trees have been there for a very long time. Can't these people who make thoughtless decisions see how lovely the beach looks. I am on holidays in St Lucia soon and I would love to visit Rudy John Beach, with these lovely coconut trees. Laborie Town Council and the NCA please keep the coconut trees.


    • Laborian's now have to stand in unison to protect and preserve what's unique and picturesque to their beach. WHO OR WHAT ORGANSIATION MADE THAT PRONOUNCEMENT FOR OUR BEACH-PARK! In addition, the coconuts can be simply picked off the trees, branches pruned of, etc in so doing the trees will remain! PLEASE!!!! CUTTING DOWN COCONUT TREES! Who is DDD-brilliant idea was that! Most defintely can't be a born and bred Laborian we're too smart for that. Chooooooooooooooops! Interfering with nature! Lord help them please!


  7. Why the hell we have idots running offices. Why deforest the place for one incident. Have he done a study on global warming and deforestation? Let's save the trees to maintain our beautiful tropical island.


  8. Just send someone up to remove the coconuts twice a year, as they do on Marigot Beach, no problems there and its a popular tourist spot. Its wrong to cut 27 trees down, what are the fools at NCA thinking!!!!


  9. The trees can be maintained that's one way..2 it gives someone a job to maintain ...3 those roots are deep and hold a lot of structure together cause these trees are old..4 that's the only shade on the beach really..5 signs would better deal with this issue..why don't they take out the roads that are slippery..they just put a sign there right..u need to put caution signs simple. .alerts people and also saves u from a lawsuit ..
    if the continue with it then guess what..the people of the community should surround the trees...there is power in numbers. .they can't take them down with yall around a it. .do it and call the media..when protesting. .let the people know..we stay to quiet in St. Lucia when our voices combined are so powerful ..we should use the power that we have as a people united those trees labourie. .save them..


  10. Only under the Kenny you see this sort of stupidity. They also destroyed an ancient limestone hill in Choiseul when that dreadful dito pond was created, just mindless destruction of pristine nature. Some people love cement way too much.


  11. wHY don't more trees are being planted .the lazy council workers keep on bragging all day .put yourselves to good use.PLANT MORE COCONUT TREES, THIS IS WHAT THE REPUBLIC OF LABORIE CAN PRODUCE DUMB//?????????????HA HA


  12. This is such a lame idea .what is wrong with the people in the council? they have no more ideas they are rubber stamps they have been there too long party hacks.Old friends with no ideas. Re think this dub decision