Residents accept Gaboo Lands offer

Residents accept Gaboo Lands offer
Gaboo Lands residents
Gaboo Lands residents
Gaboo Lands residents

GIS – Residents of Gaboo Lands at Morne du Don are now certain about the future of the unplanned development.

Min­ister for Physical Development, Housing, and Urban Renewal, Hon. Stanley Felix, convened a com­munity meeting with Morne du Don residents last Thursday to provide in­formation concerning the status of the Gaboo Lands Rationaliza­tion Project.

The project, initiated and funded by the Government of Saint Lucia, involves the subdivision of the land into 34 residential lots in accor­dance with the approved ratio­nalization plan for the area.

On May 12, offer letters were distributed to existing residents for land ownership and pay­ment options for the purchase of the aforementioned lots. Residents attended in large num­bers and after being presented with the various options, each opted for a solution that best fit their needs.

Following the meeting, residents said they were satisfied that the min­istry had taken their current and future needs into consideration. They now look forward to be­ing able to plan their futures.


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  1. this is foolish, iam relly happy for those ppl, bcuz im waitig for mine since 2011, still have not gotten an answer, i made apointment over n over to c that minister and the Prime minister since 2015, and still not yet get the chance to get to see nun of them, but i will go there friday and they will tell me they can see me this week. hell no thats all i wanted to know 5 years nun of ull didnt have time ull were busy runing the country. now ull can see me i. sayin no i reject this and im tired of this gov. so i will vote them OUT, and want to see what Chastenet has to offer, need a change. ti coi X en tchou kenny.


  2. Stanley, your nose is getting longer and longer every day; you mean
    after 5 years that's the sort of red Herring you're coming up with?
    Land development and Housing do not just happen over night.
    That takes a lot of planning and money. Where is the money coming
    from? stop all the crap, and get ready for your licks. Did U talk to R.F.?


  3. Only foolish people will vote for Stanley. After 5 years only now u doing that? Well done Stanley.


  4. Political points my foot.Dont they have their land purchase papers in their hands ? That is what matter.Stop seeing anything else.Anyone wants to own a piece of land.


    • Land purchase papers???????? What's that....the level.of.ignorance....I feel sad and sorry for you'll


  5. What the hell owning a piece of land has to do with politics. Morne dudon is like a mini ghetto and I'm very pleased that residents can be able to own land .


  6. Urll ignorant lucians to political and ignorant as a young morne dudon resident I'm very pleased to own a piece of land. Stop being so hyprocrite bout the situation .


    • You own it already? Let's see how you will finish paying g for it....We're you given your deed? Signed and sealed....when you can answer then you can say you own....

      So my dear don't call anyone you appear to lean closer to this word


  7. Ppl take it ekk still vote (#0u yo dehworr,stanley is a puppet anyways........we just want SLP OUT.and I wished it's all 17 seats


  8. Very good initiative.I am happy for them.Felix you promised and you delivered.Thats the way it should be.


  9. Residents should realize the bait there for votes. That meeting is only the beginning of one hell of a long and frustrAting process that will drive many to opt out.


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