Resident raises concerns about Vieux Fort /Laborie Highway bus terminal

Resident raises concerns about Vieux Fort /Laborie Highway bus terminal
The resident says buses most times park closest to the white line, just in front of the crossing pedestrian crossing.
The resident says buses most times park closest to the white line, just in front of the crossing pedestrian crossing.

A concerned resident of Vieux-Fort is calling on the relevant authorities to repair or build a new bus shelter located at the Vieux Fort /Laborie Highway bus terminal.

The resident, who asked not to be named, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Friday, that the roof of the current bus shelter is falling apart and the seats are no longer useful.

“We the public have no protection from the sun or rain, nor a proper waiting area for a bus. We have no toilet facilities if nature calls while we wait,” the male resident explained.

The man went on to state that even the bus drivers are without toilet facilities.

But more importantly, the resident thinks it is unsafe for pedestrians when crossing the highway, even though there is a pedestrian crossing. The crossing, he said, is situated directly in front of the first bus.

“Pedestrians are at risk of being hit by incoming traffic, because it is difficult to spot them until they step onto the road in front of the parked minibus,” he explained.

The man said while it is true that drivers should drive with due care and caution on the highway, he has witnessed otherwise.

As such, he is advising the authorities to erect a speed hump in that same area to avoid accidents.

The resident claims that the bus shelter's roof is in a deplorable condition.
The resident claims that the bus shelter’s roof is in a deplorable condition.

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  1. This is not Job of the government it’s the job of the VF council why some of y’all dnt shut up we cannot take tax payers money an build toilets for the bus drivers they are self employed they should come together to have one built


  2. Why can't the respective associations cooperate and build a shelter. It is their livelihood after all. These bus drivers do not pay taxes.


  3. The lady that vending there on a daily basis! ! Don't she realize that's it a bus shelter?? Not enough space for people to sit and shelter man!!


  4. I am very careful on this strip of road as a driver i really don't know how it was erected there and to make it worse some pedestrian really don't use the crossing but utilize exactly where the bus stops for them it is dangerous he ministry of communications and works has placed some mad crossingin vfort no lights to keep ppl aware of a school crossing zone in belle vue and in pierrot especially where the insane pedestrian crossing is in a corner the life of ppl are much more important


  5. Such a shame for a busstop which hundreds of persons utilize on a daily basis, an even greater shame that it's the PM constituency. Wonder if that could have been renovated using the funds which disappeared from the town council days before last election or the taiwanese funds which were given to a former Uwp candidate.


  6. This is not a bus terminal, have anyone been to Barbados and see their bus terminal. There is so much space on the other side of the road when they can build a nice long building that can shelter over 500+ people. Come on PM you represent the people of vfort and the prime minister do some thing. It's not politics it's just the fact.


  7. Fixing that eh have money. So to hell with them people. We see more people under this shelter than on the Vfort Square, on any give day.


  8. Any fool can see that those poor citizens need a proper facility....the sun is intense there. Sad sad that the authorities are turning their heads away from this ugly truth.


  9. The parking area for buses are on one side of the road and the buses getting loaded are on the other side of the road. Buses have to cut across two lanes of oncoming traffic (sometimes doing a U-Turn) to get to the loading area. Mind you this is on a very busy road at the entrance of Vieux-Fort Town. This is extremely dangerous and I find it appalling that Ministry of Infrastructure allowed this so called bus shelter to be constructed/designed in this many. No shelter for bus drivers and the one dilapidated shelter is for passengers travelling to Grace, La Ressource, Augier, Laborie, Saltibus, Choiseul & Soufriere.


  10. When the bus terminal was relocated to its current location what should've happen was loading and offloading of passengers on the side which the buses park. This would leave a clear view of persons crossing the currently hazardous crossing. I really don't know what goes on in the minds of these enginefars that eat tax payers hard earned monies #fedupofredandyellow


  11. its hightime they address that pedestrian issue dont wait till someone is being even afraid for the senior citizens when they cross the road smh .this is the buses final stop and majority dont go through town and drop off passengers.i think this is wrong.this place is indeed DANGEROUS


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