REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI): Construction of Berthing Jetty in Soufriere Bay, Dominica

REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI): Construction of Berthing Jetty in Soufriere Bay, Dominica

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is currently implementing its “Jetty Development Project “in Soufriere Bay, Dominica. As part of this project, GIZ intends to award a contract for the construction works of a berthing jetty at Soufriere Bay, Dominica. The scope of work includes:

Construction of a reinforced concrete berthing jetty supported by 16 steel piles with diameters of 558.8 mm and lengths of up to 18 m, installation of berth equipment such as bollards, ladders and fenders, and preparation of execution design. Due consideration has been given to the existing biophysical characteristics and the unique biodiversity and ecology of the area in the approved construction drawings and technical specifications.

Tender procedure from invitation to tender until signing of contract is expected to take place in November 2019. Construction work is expected to be performed and completed approximately within seven (7) months from signing of contract.

To qualify for consideration in the tender procedure, interested companies are required to submit the following information and documents for eligibility assessment:

(1) Official letter expressing interest
(2) Company details including full company name, full address, phone and email
(3) Copy of company registration certificate
(4) Company profile including the number of employees (permanent/temporary in total) divided into a job-like a description like project manager (experienced in marine works and pile driving), some technical back office (design/cad engineer), experience crew for operating heavy equipment, HSE officer
(5) A maximum of 3 references for similar works completed in a marine environment such as jetty or quay wall constructions, sea defense works and coastal protection (performed within the last five (5) years) (If more than 3 references are mentioned, those additional references will not be taken into account for the evaluation)
(6) Total value of works of similar nature as specified above (for each of the last five (5) years)
(7) Annual total turnover of two million United States dollars for each of the last three (3) years
(8) Evidence of ownership of equipment and machinery necessary to execute the works or evidence of the possibility to hire the same

The information and documents specified above shall be submitted to GIZ in PDF format on or before October 07th, 2019 by 5 PM Atlantic Standard Time (AST) at the latest to the following email address: [email protected] The subject line must be clearly marked as follows: “Expression of Interest for construction of berthing jetty in Soufriere Bay, Dominica”

Please do not send technical or price offer or other documents not requested. Kindly note that complete tender documents will be sent to all companies that will be assessed as eligible by GIZ based on the information and documents submitted as specified above.


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