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Reports of fake $100 bills in circulation among Caribbean islands


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A true representation of a $100 note.

The public should be on its guard for the circulation of counterfeit EC$100 notes within the Eastern Caribbean region.

The warning was issued by Government Press Secretary Jadia Jn. Pierre-Emmanuel on Facebook through a customer alert.

A fake money bill is that which is photocopied or printed poorly. They will appear smaller than regular bills and lack the unique security features of the ECCB issued bank notes.

Some of existing security features of EC bank notes include:

See-through feature: On all of the banknotes, there are fish in the bottom left hand corner on the front of the notes. When the notes are held up to the light, parts of the fish fill in, as areas on the back of the note line up perfectly with the front;

Watermark: There is a watermark depicting Queen Elizabeth II on each of the notes. The mould-made watermark appears three-dimensional when the note is held up to the light;

Security thread: When the banknote is viewed from the front under reflected UV light, the letters ECCB and the denominational value of the note are clearly visible in yellow, against a blue background. A second security thread is a narrow, continuous black line, to the left of the Queen’s portrait.

More security features are outlined on

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  1. i can still by pass all those security features.
    And in the future don't expose the weak points of the EC bill like that because the corn artist will improve on their counterfeits

  2. The economy is falling apart. Too many people unemployed, cannot make ends meet and are hungry. Times are bad and not improving for many years. Time to emigrate .

  3. sorry the culprit but your imitation wasn't good enough.....


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