Report to improve Saint Lucia’s constitution moves another level

Report to improve Saint Lucia’s constitution moves another level
President of the Senate Honourable Claudius J. Francis
President of the Senate Honourable Claudius J. Francis

Monday, September 10, 2012 – The Constitutional Review Committee has presented its much anticipated report to the Parliament of Saint Lucia.

The symbolic handing over ceremony took place in the Parliament Chambers on Thursday September6th , 2012, ending an almost decade long mission.

Established in mid 2004, the Constitutional Review Committee was mandated by an act of Parliament to review and make recommendations to improve the country`s laws.

President of the Senate Honourable Claudius J.  Francis says constitutional review is a very important step for Saint Lucia.

“The process all began in mid 2004 and Saint Lucia had just observed its twenty fifth year of independence and it was thought that a quarter century was sufficient time to review the progress of the country as regards the constitution.

The Constitutional Review Committee comprised twenty five representatives from a broad cross section of the society.    The Constitutional Review Committee Chairperson,  Justice Suzie D`Auvergne says despite several challenges the committee is satisfied that the final report represents the views of the masses.

“It is the hope that the entire membership of the commission that the results of our efforts will commend themselves to the government and people of this fair Helen and that consideration of the contents of the report will be conducted in the true spirit of democracy and national collaboration”.

The Constitutional Review Committee hosted over two hundred meetings engaging Saint Lucians at home and abroad in order to achieve its mandate

Speaker of the House of Assembly Honourable Peter Foster says the Parliament of Saint Lucia is pleased to have received the final report from the Constitutional Review committee.

“It is a very important document I am sure with many aspects of our constitution having being reviewed with the overall objective of strengthening our democracy. We will immediately distribute the report to all Parliamentarians and will in short time summon a meeting of the Parliament so the report will be considered”.

The recommendations contained in the Constitutional Review Committee report will be opened up for public discussion and scrutiny after it has been laid and debated in Parliament.


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