“Report into extra-judicial killings almost complete” – Home Affairs Minister


An investigation into the alleged extra-judicial killings of 12 persons by police officers, between 2010 and 2012 in an “Operation Restore Confidence” regime, is near completion.

Minister of Home Affairs and National Security Minister Phillip La Corbiniere made this announcement last evening on a live televised programme when asked for an update on the matter.

La Corbiniere revealed that 98 per cent of the report is completed by a team of police officials from Jamaica. He explained that the preliminary round of investigations was not as fruitful as expected and was the main reason for a delay in the entire report.

The minister stated that the team of investigators have requested from the Government of St. Lucia to provide clarification “on a couple of critical matters” before the report can be finalised and presented to the government. Once this is done, then the final touches will be made to the report.

The United States had used the incident to cut back on aid to St. Lucia. In August 2013, the United States officially informed the St. Lucia government that Washington had suspended assistance to the police force as a result of allegations of serious human rights violations.

A ban was also placed on all St. Lucian police officers, including its chief Vernon François, who was last year prevented from travelling to the United States to represent regional police commanders at a Conference of Black Police Officers in the United States.


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  1. that dun sounds like crap to me ....i eh feel any justice go be served ..the dogs go get away wit this one again


  2. smh all of url jus want to crucify the force. i wish the police would lay low and close their doors for 1 month just for us lucians to know the kind of criminals we dealing wit in this day and age.


  3. That commission is already suspect. Rather than independently professional it will be an accommodation to satisfy an end


  4. I have absolutely no confidence in this man.He seems not to have a clue as to what he is doing.He says that the investigation is 98% complete.what does the other 2% represent?! This guy is just a waste of time.


  5. "He explained that the preliminary round of investigations was not as fruitful as expected"

    I am confused. This investigation appears to be premeditated. It appears that they are looking for something that they are not getting instead of doing the investigation with an open mind.


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