REPORT: 2015 Inter Commercial Dominos Championship

REPORT: 2015 Inter Commercial Dominos Championship

miami-lakes-cigar-domino-pagePRESS RELEASE – Domino action continued on Tuesday October 27, 2015 in the Inter Commercial House Domino Competition with two exciting matches:

In Group A

Beachcomber on 76 points defeated M&C Home Depot 65 points and M&C Drug Store on 56 points. The top scorers were Thomas Dalkhan with a perfect score of 18 points of Beachcomber, Dwayne Joseph with a score of 17 points of M&C Home depot and Aldwyn William with a score 15 points for M&C Drug Store.

In Group B

Caribbean Metals on 76 points defeated LUCELEC on 64 points and Peter & Co.-Dewars on 64 points. LUCELEC placed second, after the scores were tied on 64 points each and having scored the same number of sixes, by virtue of scoring more fives.

The top scorers were Augustus Christopher and Collin Donat of Caribbean Metals each scoring 16 points, Darton Charles of LUCELEC with 14 points and Timothy Regis of Peter & Co. -Dewars with 15 points.

Matches continue on Wednesday October 28th 7pm at SLASPA Club House on Manoel Street, Castries.

Group A: Sagicor General Vs SLASPA Vs Peter & Co- Smirnoff

Group B: M&C LPG Vs Ministry of Infrastructure Vs Caribbean Metals

The sponsors for this tournament are Smirnoff, Dewars and Bounty Rum.

For further information, please contact the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture at 452-3165, or email [email protected] .


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