Renwick and Company Ltd launches the Blue Pacific brand of tuna fish and sardines

Renwick and Company Ltd launches the Blue Pacific brand of tuna fish and sardines

db80feaa-47a1-40d3-a8ac-bbd7aef4454cPRESS RELEASE – Renwick & Company has introduced a new brand of tuna fish and sardines to the local market. The brand; Blue Pacific is manufactured by Costa Rican company Alimentos Prosalud. Alimentos Prosalud was founded in 1973 and is the market leader in Central America.

The company exports to eighteen (18) other countries including the United States, Germany and Japan. Blue Pacific tuna fish is the leading brand in Panama and has a very strong market position in Caribbean islands such as Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago and was recently successfully introduced to Curacao, Dominica and the Dominican Republic.

Alimentos Prosalud is extremely conscious of the need to practice sustainable harvesting of the ocean’s fish resources.  Only yellow fin tuna is used for canning the Blue Pacific brand and the company ensures that all fishermen who harvest tuna for the Blue Pacific brand supply only dolphin free tuna. This requires the fishing vessels to be inspected physically to ensure that no dolphins are harmed during the harvesting of the tuna fish.



Tuna fish is one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and protein and can be used as a compliment to meals or for snacking occasions. The Blue Pacific brand of tuna offers consumers the most variety among tuna brands available on the local market. The flavors include;

  1. Tuna in oil
  2. Tuna with vegetables
  3. Tuna with sweet corn
  4. Tuna in smoked oil
  5. Oregano flavored tuna
  6. Tuna with jalapeno peppers
  7. Tuna with garlic
  8. Tuna in water

There are also three light flavors for the calorie conscious consumers. The light flavors available are;

  • Tuna with vegetables
  • Tuna in water
  • Smoked tuna in water

All these light flavors are packaged in an innovative, reusable plastic cup with a lid with allows for storage of left overs. The plastic cups are also recyclable thus minimizing the environmental impact.

The Blue Pacific sardines are available in two flavors;

  • Sardines in tomato sauce
  • Sardines in spicy tomato sauce

Blue Pacific is one hundred (100%) tuna and unlike some other tuna fish brands no soy is used as a filler during the canning process. All Blue Pacific tuna and sardines come in easy to open cans with a pop up lid which eliminates the need for a can opener.



The Blue Pacific brand is affordably priced and the range is available at all major retail outlets island wide. Local agents Renwick & Company is currently executing sampling and tasting sessions at retail locations so that consumers can try the fine range of Blue Pacific products.

For more information about the product range offered by Renwick & Company Ltd please contact Mr. Noah Blondell at 455 8022.


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