Renwick and Company provides assistance to Upton Gardens Girls’ Center

Renwick and Company provides assistance to Upton Gardens Girls’ Center

PRESS RELEASE – On Friday July 10th representatives from Renwick & Company made a donation of Supreme bleach, Harbor Bay toilet paper, Distinction milk and cleaning supplies to the Upton Gardens Girl’s Center.

This donation is a part of the company’s Supreme bleach “protect and disinfect” campaign which has the stated goal of donating Supreme bleach and cleaning supplies to every single school on island.

The Uptown Gardens Girl Center was identified for assistance because of its long standing service to at risk young ladies. For thirty five years the Center has provided a safe place for young ladies in need of protection by offering a place of daily residence, the opportunity to continue their education, positive social interaction and counseling or rehabilitation programs where necessary.

In her brief remarks Mrs. Prisca St. Paul of the Upton Gardens Girl Center expressed her profound gratitude for the timely donation and she once again stated that ultimately goal of the center is to provide full time lodging for the young ladies so that the center can become a full fledge juvenile home.

The representative of Renwick & Company pledged the company’s further support through assistance with the agriculture program and will partner with local club VSADC to donate football gear and equipment to the girls.

This donation from Renwick & Company was coordinated by Miss Sharon Williams who is a major benefactor for the Upton Garden Girls Center.


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