Renewing our spirituality – UWP

Renewing our spirituality – UWP
UWP Party Leader Allen Chastanet greet party supporters.
UWP Party Leader Allen Chastanet greet party supporters.
UWP Party Leader Allen Chastanet greet party supporters.

PRESS RELEASE – With voices raised in joyful song in an afternoon filled with prayer, over a thousand St. Lucians joined with the United Workers’ Party to pray for deliverance from the troubles afflicting our nation.

In light of the spate of violence, rape and crime, fuelled by the mismanagement of the economy, the UWP believes that the nation needs to return to our traditional Saint Lucian values of respect, sharing, neighbourliness and worship.

Our message on Sunday was to encourage St. Lucians to realize that our survival will be buttressed by remaining a nation under God. In a time when our young people are resorting to suicide, when crime is accelerating in our communities, when women are being assaulted and raped while being blamed for it, when the next generation is not being sufficiently educated and empowered, when the country is simple dead broke; those present sent up prayers for the nation.

The “Break Every Chain” national day of prayer was both inspiring and enlightening. Pastor Sherwin Griffith, Pastor Emmanuel Charles and Father St. Rose were truly inspirational. The day was packed with prayers from the various constituencies, the Political Leader Allen Chastanet and Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gale Rigobert.

Prayers were offered for relief from suicide, crime and violence; for rape and victimization; for youth, leaders of groups, religious leaders, civil servants and healthcare givers, for the restoration of families, marriage and broken homes. Worshipers also prayed for the elimination of fear, hopelessness and despair.

Special prayers were also offered for the media/press freedom, the economy, good governance and relief from unemployment. To close the programme there were dynamic performances by gospel artists leading with songs of praise and worship. The artistes included Linda ‘Chocolate’ Berthier, Ethan Fletcher, AJ, Christie Gustave and LM Stone.

The UWP is happy to have engaged citizens in a positive activity, promoting hope and faith for Saint Lucian families. The United Workers Party hopes that the “Break Every Chain” national day of prayer will encourage others to begin or continue to pray for our beautiful nation. We thank all the religious ministers, gospel artists, members of the party, supporters and other all other St. Lucians for participating.


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  1. This is a positive step forward. When Christians meet to praise the Lord God
    things happen. You will be rewarded, for the Lord, from His sanctuary is
    looking down on a humble people, calling upon His name at a time such
    as this. For too long the people have been hurting, random crime, rape,
    robbery, poverty, unemployment etc. but we shall overcome by His grace.
    Pray more - lift up Jesus and be blessed.


  2. superstitious people...I am wondering if I am back in the 16 century. Next I guess they will be burning witches.

    How can we move forward with backing thinking people?


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