Remorseful-looking girlfriend killer appears in court

By SNO Staff

Murder accused Peter Donovan (centre) being escorted by police today.

Peter Donovan, the man accused of killing his girlfriend on her birthday, appeared in the Gros Islet court today (Friday, March 10) for the first time.

Donovan, who was handcuffed and appeared close to tears, was not required to plead to the indictable charge of non-capital murder, and was remanded in prison until his next court date on May 5, 2017.

The 39-year-old was formally charged yesterday in connection with the fatal stabbing of Sophianna Edwards, 31, which occurred at a house in Ciceron, Castries around 12:45 p.m. on Sunday, March 5, 2017.

The birthday girl and mother was allegedly attacked after receiving a ‘happy birthday’ text from another person.

He turned himself in to police custody at the Central Police Station around 10 p.m. on Tuesday, March 7, two days after the killing, which was the 17th homicide for 2017.


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  1. The amount of relationship murders we have had this year, some of you still think the Devil hand not at work. The greatest trick that old dragon Lucifer ever pull is making a majority of people in this country think he doesn't exist.

    How many of us have heard our neighbours fighting and wondering boy them people go kill each other. This thing rampant in our country, domestic violence has to stop from both ends.

    But let's continue to act like the devil is a made up fairy tale and see where our country will be in the not to distant future.

    Prayer warriors intercede for the nation, intercede especially now Easter, the time that does call for so much blood is here. Intercede for them driving on the highways, those swimming on the beach, those on the brink of suicide.

  2. This was a clear sign of insecurity on his part.

  3. Charles De Coteau

    Good judgement is what is required from everyone. His ability to continually inflict wounds with a knife speaks volume. For every cut or puncture there must have been some pleading. She was human and would have felt the pain. Poor guy now needs to tell the judge what he was thinking. St Lucian men needs to understand being in a relationship with a woman does not transcend to ownership.

  4. Peter became to the devil. The Devil and Peter are one. May she RIP.

  5. Don't worry about , you too can't spell. The word is you'll. You idiot.

  6. Feel sorry for both of them hate to see how they end up both were my friends

  7. What happen to a good old fashion argument or fight these every relationship u must find these. But use of weapons should never be involve in this thing my sad

  8. Peter was my point person for all my charity work in Ciceron. He would tell me who needed help. He knew the kids who needed books; the families that needed food. I would give him stuff and he would distribute to the needy. SMH. Such a humble and beautiful soul. Pleasant, soft spoken, helpful... It broke my heart when I heard the news. Why Peter? I feel for the young lady and her family. The kids..... Peter. Someone above said it best. The devil is truly at work.

    • ... I can't hold back the tears!... he snapped! So sorry for both of them!

    • ohh Fred you well talk , i knew Peter since i small and he always been that person that not capable of killing an ants or a mosquitos
      from right France i feel hart brooken wend i read the news

      so Sad

  9. He may have appeared to be humble on the streets, yes. But abuser and murderer isn't written on anyone's face. The individual behind closed doors is often not the one society knows. Sometimes the ones they have to love more are the ones they treat worst. Rip to the young woman. I don't believe he should be called accused murderer either since he was caught in the act. There's no innocent until proven guilty here. Would you sing the same song if it was your relative!!!

  10. He is quite yea right, but he could pull out a knife and stab her to death, jealousy is a terrible sinso what if a friend text her happy birthday stupid you home with her, stupid and ignorance have him where he is now
    Shoulda think before you act, i dont feel sorry for you the devil is gone now looking fir the next to commit a heinous muder.

  11. Forgive them father for they don't know what they do. R.I.P young lady. I feel sorry for both families especially her kids. Sigh.

  12. He is not sad at all. Why didn't he walk away. Hung him by his balls.i don't feel sorry for these criminals at all

    • I really don't know

      It's easily Said than done trust, you have to be strong to walk away,I really believe there is more to that story but we may never know.

  13. Honestly..i dont know this man..but from what im hearing he was not the kind to pull a knife and stab someone...St lucia i plede that we get down on our knees and start praying because the devil is not sleeping...he use the weak ones to do his devilish acts...Lord put a hand

    • Yeah but remember the relationship was also said to be a rocky one. Wife beater or murderer isn't written on anyone's face. The person behind closed doors is often not the one introduced in public

      • We too as woman tend to tolerate too much nonsense, the signs of obsession n will for possession is there, we take and take until its too late to cut off the wart...sad sad situation. This is one person "I never thought..."

  14. So because someone is quiet they are good? I always remember the most quiet is usually the most dangerous.

  15. RIP young lady

  16. SNO the man is an ACCUSED murderer. He has not been tried and convicted. You can't refer to him as a girlfriend killer. Yoll need to be more responsible yoll reporting. That said, these is truly a sad incident. I'm more concerned about the child. What happens to that child now. Smh

    • Don't worry about it

      First of all learn how to spell before you making yourself look stupid its not yoll its ya'll secondly is that really ur concern his guilty regardless .... Choops

      • Don't be too quick to make corrections dear. The word is neither yoll nor ya'll. Its "y'all." In auch case it stands for 'you all.'

        • Why did you even try to correct when you have made an error too. " y'all" really? It is you'll.

          • Looool. You'll means you will. Y'all means you all. So what is your point?
            You need to enhance your vocabulary before you interfere in an intellectual argument.'ll...

          • You are correct. There is no such spelling as y'all.Now all of you get it right.Never came across this when i did contractions.

      • Your sentence is riddled with errors.

  17. Sad

  18. I still find it hard to believe that peter did this he have such a humble soul. rip young lady . i really do not no what to say about this jus unbelievable.

  19. Close to tears indeed .... Peter is so quiet and humble it is almost hard to swallow what is going on here. The devil is out there ruining souls . To the young lady all I can say is RIP, you were a mother, daughter, sister and most of all a young woman who did not deserve anyone taking your life irrespective of what the problem was, this is all just so sad for two people I knew and see everyday.

    • Very well said

    • we blaming the devil for everything. The man took a knife and cut the woman throat. That was not the devil- it was him. He knew that cutting someone throat is a sure death. He is an evil MF.

      • Thank you.Finally!! someone with commonsense. People acting like you do not make choices in life. Just cause the guy was involved in charity work they thinking his a good guy. Who knows how much pain Sophianna endured under that man. RIP my girl.


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