RELIEF: Mother locates ‘missing’ daughter, sees photos for the first time

RELIEF: Mother locates ‘missing’ daughter, sees photos for the first time
Andrean Morgan has been located.
Andrean Morgan has been located.
Andrean Morgan has been located.

Within 10 minutes after St. Lucia News Online (SNO) published a story about a woman who hadn’t seen her child in three years, help began to pour in from the St. Lucian public.

Andrea Morgan, 28 of Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines had told SNO in an exclusive interview, that for the past year, she has been unable to get in touch with the relatives of her daughter in St. Lucia. Calls to their phones have gone unanswered or have gone to voicemail. And no one had returned her call or had attempted to get in touch with her.

Morgan said when her daughter, named Andrean Amanda Morgan, was three years old, the child’s uncle came to St. Vincent and persuaded her to have him take the child to St. Lucia, and then to the United Kingdom.

Andrea Morgan is now happy to have located her daughter.
Andrea Morgan is now happy to have located her daughter.

The mother agreed. However, since then, the child has been passed from one household to another in St. Lucia, until she lost all contact with them.

Of note, the child’s father, Dwight Henry, a St. Lucian, was killed by police in 2011. Initially, Morgan said she was told that Dwight was killed when she was two months pregnant. However, after the article was published today, she discovered that this was all a lie, and that in fact Dwight was still alive when the child was born, but was killed the following year.

After SNO published the story today, Oct. 22, several relatives contacted Morgan, as well as our newsroom, indicating that her daughter, who is now six years old, is alive and well.

The child is now staying with a friend of a relative in La Croix after moving from house to house over the past three years.

Morgan has since received several photos of her daughter. Previously, she had no photographs of her daughter.

She also spoke to the daughter for the first time in three years.

“She acting shy,” said the overjoyed mother, who said she feels “very good” about finding her child.

The child's father, Dwight Henry, was killed by police in 2011. Photo credit: Voice
The child’s father, Dwight Henry, was killed by police in 2011. Photo credit: Voice

“I am going to try and get a ticket as soon as possible,” she said.

Several St. Lucians have offered to pay Morgan’s travel expenses to St. Lucia.


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  1. So he goes to SVD to move drugs nothing else gets her pregnant ! Not like she doesn't know what he was there for facilities his duties not like he was attending the OECS CONFRENCE HEADED BY GONZALES AND THE BOYS . While he stays in hiding she goes gets him food a little sex shows him around until it's time to head back to slu or FoF . He makes sure he gets message to her that he is dead so he isn't responsible for the child ! The power of Jesus Christ his tongue killed him not the police . I tell you young woman open your eyes before you open your legs !


  2. We can help solve a lot of crimes , look at how we' rally together to get this child to her mother showings in town we all know who did it yet still no arrest , Yamaha we all know who did it ! Yana Auguste don't we know who did it ? Come people after all we are God Fearing ? Let's bring Yana Auguste killer or killers to judgement . I demand we do !


  3. Before anything you people like to judge. Yes her hair is on fleek. But did u read the story before u point fingers at her. It said 3 years ago. She did not have money to take care of the child.. THREE YEARS AGO.It never said she do not have. Read before you judge. The child is now 6 yrs. That's 3 years later.


  4. messay i am so proud of our st lucian public for coming together to solve this which the police couldnt do or should i say didnt bother to do for so long if we do this more often we will have such a better society,i still cant belive people are actually willing to pay the ticket so she can reunit with her daughter that is just so nice and heart warming that is why all the visitors say we are lovely heart warming people (minus those that harras ,threaten and rob them) and to all those that wrote nothing but negative comments talking about the womans hair and other stuff if you didnt help in the process of finding the child or at least said one kind word or gesture to the situation then shame on you and you shouldnt be posting nothing if you dont have nothing good to say or contribute cause not all persons are in the same fortunate shoes as you maybe are. my girl i wish you luck in seeing ur daughter again face to face


  5. SNO solved a mystery that took the police years to crack down,,, only jah knows,,,,,smh, in minutes again.


    • This shows the power of social media/internet and the kind hearts of the Saint Lucian public.

      Maybe the police should start thinking 'outside the box' when responding to such cases - take advantage of social media. On the other hand, maybe they just couldn't be bothered or are understaffed? Just saying...

      By the way, kudos to SNO for helping the mother find her child.


  6. The child was removed from the mothers care and placed with her grandmother, at the mothers request the grandmother has since passed on and relatives have been looking after the little girl, they too have been trying to get hold of the mum to keep her updated but she was not available. The child was originally removed for her own safety as the mothers boyfriend, a police officer, was allegedly abusing the child, the child still has a mark on her face from the abuse, on her chin, (clearly shown in this picture). She was removed with the mothers full permission and has been well looked after ever since.


  7. Tears, tears. Good job sno. I so hate when persons talk crap so because she dont have money her hair shouldnt be done. What if it is someone who paid the hairdo for her. St lucians be a little concern about the mothers plight not her hairdo.


  8. I hope the authorities pay attention to the evil done to both child and mother. Some questions need to be answered - Police, Social services, family court, Government, Oppositions, Child protection and human rights groups.
    If this can happen under all our noses - something needs to be done to nice up St Lucia again.


  9. Shame on you, Marigot Police. You can't find a child in your own backyard, yet still you wanted the mother to come down to St. Lucia to do what exactly? Did you think that She knows St. Lucia better than you?

    Young lady, please, fine a way to go get that child from St. Lucia and don't ever let her out of your sight again. I'm very happy that you found her and hope that everything is well with her.


  10. Lady you need to take your responsibility from family yo family now living at a friend of a family. Let the family pay her ticket back go st Vincent this is ridiculous . What kind if life has this child had, there is no love like a mothers, if the so call uncle care let them send the money to you in st Vincent. I plead to you, this is a little girl, children dhould be care free there is no joy no laughter in this child's face, her face is hard like she 'a been through hell and back, has this child been molested, is she attending school regularly, is she cared for? These questions should be asked. Why has child services not responded to this cAse. Woman even if you are unemployed you can make it . Do what you need to do for your daughter, the child in shock probably didt even know she had a mother , talking nonsense that the child playing shy, ask her what she has through and bring her to st Vincent with you.


  11. Woman go check fast cause moving from house to house that's something you should be concerned about, she could seem shy but really scared so go check .would die before sending my daughter anywhere without me


  12. This is such great news now lady take your child back with you. Whatever you eat she will eat. She is now at a friend when she could be with her mother. Take your child.


  13. Why did they take the child or you give up the child in the first place. There is something you're not saying.


    • True. That child was born in St Vincent. She has a birth certificate from there. So my question to all those who talking police failed did she enter St Lucia via our airports and got her passport stamped so the authority know she is even her. Or did she came in on a nice boat from veuix fort or dennery. Let her ans that. Oh wait she gave it to the uncle to take her to England. My girl u meet a man from another country on his dirt vibe u get pregnant they said police kill him u 2 month which u say was a lie. police kill him when she was two years. U have not been to st Lucia the bro come ask u for your child u so unable to care and want better life u didn't even think about the lies they told u from day one. Girl stop making plp feel sorry for u and feel sorry for u r mistakes


  14. Another person who will grow up knowing police took her father's life. Now she is all over the place trying to survive and i bit police don’t even care or knows who she is... that is what you call life (reality) in st.lucia. SOME (NOT ALL) police officers don’t have a sense of life the real world yet still they got a gun round their wise ready to take life like (cowboys). This young woman will grow up asking questing (lucky she’s a girl and not a boy). This store is a typical example by police taking life don`t bring justice to the system. I am happy for her and family.


  15. Am very excited that she got in touch with the child. Thank God is was well taken care of. My lady next step is to bring your child back home with you. Her dad is dead,her grandparents are dead ,uncle who took her turned his back. It's time to give this little princess some stability and a parents love. No one can love your child more than you.


  16. I all ways know that the citizens of this island are the greatest in the region,we may have our problems but we still have lots of love in our hearts. To sno i would like to say great job . Look like you are doing a better job than the police.


  17. She needs u now. Please take her and make up got the past. Three years.... Poor child....she needs stability in her life....


  18. Happy for you my lady. I beg you to please come get your child quick. This child looks sad. Poor child


  19. This story demonstrates the power of the Internet and ICT.
    SNO is more effective than the Police.
    Has this child been attending school in Saint Lucia on a regular basis considering that she has been moved from one household to the next?


  20. God bless all those who have assisted, especially the friend who has been taking care of this precious angel, God bless you abundantly. I pray that this child is now given the opportunity to be reunited with her maternal family and that all will be well in Jesus name.............Praise God....................I pray that the mother don't mess up and do what is best for all now with the help of the Almighty......May God open doors for you in Jesus Name.


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