RELIEF: Minister apologises to Dubonnet residents for what passed as a bridge

RELIEF: Minister apologises to Dubonnet residents for what passed as a bridge
The contract signing ceremony for the construction of the bridge. * Photo credit: GIS
The contract-signing ceremony for the construction of the Dubonnet bridge. * Photo credit: GIS

Fostering a sense of ownership and community involvement is expected to be established as work on the Dubonnet Bridge in the Dennery is to commence shortly.

The contract was officially signed during the commencement ceremony on Thursday last week.  The project which is estimated to be in excess of EC $650, 000 is to be completed in a 60-day time frame.

Saint Lucia’s Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, Honourable  Phillip J. Pierre, says the construction of the Bridge is extremely important as it plays a leading role in the development of the community.

“Today, we are in Dubonnet, in a little district, opening another bridge.  And in my mind that bridge is significant, because it shows the sensitivity of the government towards the people of Saint Lucia. When I looked at what was passing there for a bridge, I must really express my apologies to the people of this area for having to endure this condition for so long. I want to apologize on behalf of the government and to tell you that I am pleased that your time of suffering is slowing coming to an end.”

Parliamentary Representative for Dennery and Saint Lucia’s Minister for Youth and Sports, Honourable  Shawn Edward, expressed his deepest gratitude to the government for ensuring the lives of the residents of Dubonnet are enhanced.

“The residents of Dubonnet as you have heard, have gone through a lot. And sometimes even myself , I am suppose to be fit, suppose to be a sportsman, having to negotiate that hill on afternoon was a task. I saw elderly folks do it, I saw school children do it; and it has become a routine thing for them and it had become so much a part of them that they were no longer complaining. But I always knew that this was not acceptable under my watch and during the tenure of this administration and I was going to spend no effort to ensure that due recognition was given to these people like the rest of the country.”

The new single lane bridge will measure 3.5 metres wide and 11 metres long. In addition, a new road measuring 100 metres will be constructed to join the Dubonnet community with the road network in the Theobalds community.

The contractor, Gregory Ferdinand has been urged to ensure the new bridge meets global standards.


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