Relief for residents of Edgewater

Relief for residents of Edgewater
Former Minister Emma Hippolyte
Minister Emma Hippolyte

Residents of Edgewater in Massade, Gros Islet are now living more comfortably, thanks to the completion of recent infrastructural work undertaken within the community.

Angela Alphonse, a long-time resident in the area, explained that “when the first group of residents moved into the development close to 20 years ago, there were no proper paved roads, no street lights, no cable TV and telephone service. These amenities were put in place long after residents moved in”.

Some weeks ago, persons from the Edgewater neighbourhood received some long overdue relief. Roads are now completely paved, thanks to the combined efforts of the District Representative, Emma Hippolyte, and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Alphonse expressed the residents’ gratitude towards the parliamentary representative for taking action and noted that “residents were very happy that this time around they did not have to sign petitions or take their grievance to the media to get the deserved attention”.

Edgewater Development was one of the first housing projects undertaken by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC). It targeted middle-income earners who, up until a few weeks ago, experienced decades of discomfort when traversing the roads within the community, whether by foot or vehicle.


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  1. Hey, I don't know which Edgewater this article refers to but if you enter Edgewater from by the gros islet primary school, turn by h&h tool rental (there is a used tyre place there now) you will notice that the two roads on your immediate left are in serious disrepair. The road which was repaired was essentially destroyed by the new bank building. The construction of the new Bosl building saw lots of heavy machinery destroying the road, they should have been held accountable as well. When ALL the roads in Edgewater are fixed we can talk about what a great job the minister has done. #justsaying.


  2. its her bloody job, why the hoopla about it, i hate to see politicians from any side do this crap... what she want a pat on the back


    • Where is the "hoopla" in this straightforward article?
      What exactly is the "crap" you are referring to?
      Politicians of all sides deserve the right to publicise what they do. They are put there to work on behalf of the people and they have a responsibility to report on what they achieve. Otherwise people complain that they do nothing.


    • I ditto that. Merci merci tell me about it after all they always make promises they never keep.


  3. Asaiye I open the article tinking the ppl got jobs, increase in salary or relief from tax. Ministry of Infrstructure remember our primary and secondary roads in other constituensies. I knw these may not affect votes like edgewater but make it priority. All of us paying tax not only the labour vocal supporters.


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