Relatives vow to continue Ninja Man’s charity work

Relatives vow to continue Ninja Man’s charity work
Errol Crosby/Photographer Ninja Man’s sister, Donna Wilson, says she will pick up where her brother left off.

(JAMAICA STAR) – Relatives of Ninja Man say that they will be carrying on the charity work that the deejay had been conducting before he was convicted of murder on Monday.

When THE STAR visited their home on Mall Road in St Andrew, they pointed to a number of barrels which they say contained goodies that were imported to be donated under the Ninja Man Foundation.

“Mi bredda kind to people till him fool,” Donna Wilson, sister of Ninja Man, said.

She said that he would donate paint to persons for them to give their homes and other buildings a facelift, especially in the Yuletide season. She added that he often donated walkers and wheelchairs for persons who could not walk.

“We have fi continue weh him lef, enuh, cause him nuh dead. So him will say who fi get this and who fi get that,” she added.


The deejay’s brother, Gonzellio Ballentyne, said that Ninja Man had the ‘One Umbrella’ organisation until he started the Ninja Man Foundation through which he would assist individuals, schools, and other institutions across the country.

“Both organisations at the time were registered organisations, and he is also affiliated with the Ballentyne Community Development Foundation,” he said.

He said that despite Ninja Man’s conviction, planned events such as a party that is set for December 26, which will be used to raise money would still go ahead.

“We will be continuing because when the chips are down, that is the time when you start to rise. We will be always be supporting Ninja Man even if him go to prison for 100 years. We as a family will be here to support him in any way,” he said.

Some residents in the Mall Road community also said that the deejay was very kind, and they credited him for helping to help make the community peaceful.

“Ninja Man put peace between Tower Hill and Mall Road, mek Tower Hill and Mall Road people dem nah war,” one resident told THE STAR.

Another resident, who asked not to be named, added: “When Ninja Man come, round ya did hot. If him neva come round yah di whole a we dead, and dat man deh not even fire a shot. Him just talk and seh ‘keep the peace and the whole a unuh cool and mek wi live loving’.”


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