Relative regrets not convincing Henry to avoid riding bikes

By SNO Staff


Relatives of Mandella Henry, who died from a traffic accident on Micoud Street, Castries on Friday, has said he was full of life and had a bright future ahead of him.

The 27-year-old unemployed man was scheduled to do a job interview on Monday, Feb. 6, relatives said.

Sophia Lynch told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that her nephew had visited her home on The Morne, Castries several hours before he lost his life.

Jacob is in critical condition.

Jacob is in critical condition.

“I heard the sound of a bike and knew it was him around 8 p.m. He would come by me and eat and chat with us…. He had something to eat. He said: ‘I’m coming on Sunday to have lunch with you,’” she recalled.

Henry’s sister, Julie Herelle told SNO that her brother, who lived with her family, said he was going out with a friend and left with his dirt bike on Thursday afternoon.

Herelle said she never believed that would be the last time she would see him.

She described him as a “stubborn” individual, explaining that she regrets never having the chance to sit him down and talk him into not riding bikes.

Herelle said her brother hadn’t seen his mother in 14 years, since she migrated to the United States.

Police said Henry was the driver of motorcycle, registration number PJ 3733, which collided with a blue Daihatsu Terios sports utility vehicle (SUV), registration number PG 3888, about 12:24 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 3.

Henry was travelling on Chisel Street on to Micoud Street while the SUV was travelling on Micoud Street

The male pillion passenger, 18-year-old Debwan Jacob of Ciceron, was admitted to Victoria Hospital in critical condition, police said.


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  1. Like people don't die in car accidents, she should stop riding in cars.

  2. The bike on its own is not deadly.It's the things we do and the way it is sometimes recklessly ridden that causes problems.people we need to respect those machines.Drivers should always be more vigilant and anticipant whenever you are around bikers.Having the ability to see potential danger and avert it is half the battle won.We all have a duty of care on the roads.We all use it so we should all co-operate .I'm pretty sure everyone wants to get to his or her destination in one piece. (JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT)..I Love my country and our people.

  3. I will pray for Mr jacobs and Mr henry family.

  4. its sad he is gone but my dear you said you wish you had talked to him about riding bikes but there is nothing wrong in riding bikes and in fact its a risk i must say but its mostly how you ride them

  5. R.I.P papa from fast lane wah


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