Rejection causes Gros Islet man to get violent on woman

Rejection causes Gros Islet man to get violent on woman

A Gros Islet man is now serving four years in prison for beating a woman at the Celebrity Sports Bar in Bois D’orange after she rejected his advances.

Stephen Charles, 32, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm and was sentenced last week.

According to court records, on July 30, 2011, the complainant was at the bar when she decided to use the bathroom. While proceeding to the bathroom, the complainant said she was followed there by the defendant who made advances towards her, including touching her buttocks. The complainant said she rejected  his advances, left the bathroom area and returned to the main bar.

Later that same night, she was again approached by Charles who, in the presence of others, again made moves toward her.  This time he did not take the rejection well and proceeded to physically assault the complainant by hitting her.  This assault resulted in some injury to the complainant who was taken to Victoria Hospital. She then made a report to the police.

Charles is a self-confessed marijuana smoker who, according to Justice Francis Cumberbatch, showed no remorse for his actions, no regard for the complainant and has refused counselling for drug abuse at the Bordelais Correctional Facility where he has been remanded.  The one mitigating factor for Charles was his early plea of guilty for the offence.

Cumberbatch stated that the starting point for such an offence is 10 years imprisonment.  He then sentenced Charles to six years imprisonment with a two-year discount for his early guilty plea.  As such, Charles will spend four years at the Bordelais Correctional Facility where he is also ordered to attend counselling sessions for drug abuse and sessions for anger management.


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  1. Andrew 26 ...are you trying to make yourself look dumb or heartless? or is it a combination of the two ? or perhaps a coward.... You have to be an a** to see one human pounding on severely for you not to try to help that person out or at LEAST break up the fight or something. Anyway I forgot for a minute you're entitled to your stupid opinion ...


  2. talk sense confused,if you were present at the time of the assault,would you have intervened,?its so so easy to critisize from the comfort of your armchair.


  3. The same way some people cannot control the feeling they get when they drink it's the same way others behave when they are high from marijuana. It's how people behave that gets them in trouble. The cannot control themselves which is sad...


    • Yes it does, becuase it affects you cognitively which some will call a "high" and to add not everybody is wired the same, some can tolerate that high and maintain control, while some eat alot, some sleep and some act out.


  4. These things do and still continue in this day and age in St Lucia, and it is just that of greed and self interest. Men often times believe that woman are commodity and have to be controlled and managed. It is high time these lessons be taught and advocated properly given the consequences of such actions. I am in total disagreement with reducing the prison time, I think he should be subject to the full penalty of the law. It should be a matter to show that there is zero tolerance to violence especially when it is direct results of human right violations. People have to understand no is no.. that is it.


  5. shitstem so crazy. the guy was at a bar ...............its obvious he was drinking yet they blame it on marijuana,hmm time will tell


    • Studies prove that rum destroys neurons/cells confusing consciousness, however ganja stimulates the subconscious mind, brings the inside out, an angry person who's anger is suppressed detonates under the influence. My finding is that alcohol does the same...


  6. what does marijuana hav to do with any of this, the jackass was at a bar, its obvious he was drnking at the bar, marijuana dont make u violent alcohol does, alcohol make one feel brave to do an say stuff they wont do or say when they're sober, weed on the other hand does the opposite it calms down the nerves..smfh, stop fighting the holy herb yall crazy baldhead


  7. i'm supposed to believe that a man hit a woman to cause all that bodily harm (enough to send her to the hospital) at a bar ( a public place) in the presence of friends and no one stepped in to stop it? and where was the bar tender again ??? ok sorry but ... this report sounds funny....and again marijuana.... poor excuse.....seriously dude...i feel that judge eh do justice by you....should have given your behind minimum 6 years ....because you wouldn't like any man hitting and pounding on your female relations.... cheups ....


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