Reigniting the love for Saint Lucian arts and culture

Reigniting the love for Saint Lucian arts and culture

PRESS RELEASE – In its continued efforts to harness and develop the artistic potential of the people of Saint Lucia, the Cultural Development Foundation (CDF) is embarking on non-traditional means of source-funding.

As such, CDF is excited to launch its first Crowd Funding Campaign, Summer Of The Arts, from which we aim to raise at least US$30,000 to offset the costs associated with a series of activities which we will be engaged in from July 23rd – September 9th, 2014.

Crowd Funding is a method where individuals and organizations can launch campaigns to fund a variety of projects – it is based online and allows people across the world to support the projects of their choice through various levels of donations; each donation earns a ‘perk’ – ‘Thank You’ gifts that relate to the campaign.

CDF solicited the help of photographers and writers to provide some of these perks and has received phenomenal support to create digital giveaways of top quality photographic and literary products. This demonstrates the commitment of the Arts sector to contributing to their own development and that of the younger generations.

CDF has identified the diaspora as vital to our mission as we are aware that thousands of Saint Lucians live and work overseas and are more than ready and willing to give back to their place of birth and as such are presenting the funding campaign to the Biennial Conference of the Union of Saint Lucian Overseas Association taking place this week. We also wish to create links with persons in the diaspora with a view to exchange technical expertise, create business contacts, establish mentorship programmes and generally support similar interests to enrich the lives of all our people.

Summer of the Arts is a cultural celebration, training and development programme which will take place simultaneously in two communities. These programmes are specifically geared towards sensitizing the citizenry about the key elements of our cultural heritage and to offer more opportunities for the appreciation and celebration of Saint Lucian arts, culture and traditions.

We wish to invite you, our media partners, to take a few moments to view and participate in the campaign. Be part of the movement by spreading the word around – use and share the following link:

The Cultural Development Foundation appreciates your support and participation in the re-sensitization of the Saint Lucian citizenry, especially its youth, to ensure that there is continued transmission and appreciation of Saint Lucian traditions and culture.


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