Saint Lucia Supreme Court hosts mediation symposium

Saint Lucia Supreme Court hosts mediation symposium

(GIS) — The Registry of the Supreme Court of Saint Lucia in collaboration with Compete Caribbean hosted a mediation symposium exploring the theme “Promoting Innovation and Growth through Alternative Dispute Resolution”.

As explained by the Deputy Registrar of the Supreme Court, Daniel Francis, mediation is a structured dispute resolution process where an impartial third party meets with the disputing parties to explore options and clarify goals outside of a court environment.

The objective of the mediation symposium was to raise awareness of the use of mediation in resolving commercial disputes.

Lawyer and mediator, Oswald Larcher, explained the importance of the mediation process.

“There’s always an adjournment for different reasons so it takes time, whereas, with a mediator, a dispute can be resolved in two or three hours.”

The symposium, which included the Registry of Supreme Court, Saint Lucia; Compete Caribbean, and seven experts, targeted a wide cross-section of organizations including business support organizations and the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

The mediation symposium took place on October 18.


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