Registration open for Ministry of Health Fitness competition

Registration open for Ministry of Health Fitness competition
Time to start that diet
Time to start that diet
Time to start that diet

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations invites persons from around the island to register for an exciting weight loss competition dubbed “Pedi Gwès, Sent Lisi, Bon Santé Pou Lavi.”

This is a weight loss competition where the biggest individual loser and group in the 9 health regions are in for fantastic prizes.

Participants will be given nutrition and exercise tips from professionals in the field, while participating in hikes, walks and obstacle courses.

Registration is totally free. Sign up today at any Health or Wellness Centre in your area.

Open to both men and women between the ages of 18-60 fit enough to undertake physical activity.

Please bring along a passport size photo for registration.

Only 90 participants allowed 10 per region so Signup today for Pedi Gwès Sent Lisi weight loss competition, Bon Santé Pou Lavi.

Lose weight St. Lucia, good life begins with great health.


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  1. I introduction, but I'm hoping fellow st Lucian's don't stop after this competition, it's high time that people have to be making right choices to stay healthy. Stay away from the processed foods and and add more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine,exercising is fun, its great and you feell better and more refreshing and younger, LUCIAN'S stand strong, be discipline and make that change. It's free, I guarantee you that you won't regret it.


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