REGIONAL: Bus riddled with bullets after funeral, woman killed

REGIONAL: Bus riddled with bullets after funeral, woman killed

shooting-jpgMONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – Police in St James have launched a manhunt for the shooters who sprayed a bus returning from a funeral, killing one female passenger and injuring five others Sunday night in Orange, St James.

The deceased has been identified as 54-year-old Jacqueline Bowen of Orange.

A swift response from a team of police and soldiers that was in the area resulted in the seizure of a high-powered rifle which was dropped by the shooters who abandoned the motorcycle on which they were travelling and ran into bushes.

Police reported that about 8:30 pm mourners were returning from a funeral in a Toyota Coaster bus when the vehicle, on reaching the Orange main road, was greeted with a hail of bullets fired by two men travelling on a motorcycle.

Six passengers who were shot were taken to hospital, where Bowen was pronounced dead. The others were admitted in stable condition.

A joint police-military team pursued the bikers who fled leaving the motorcycle and rifle behind.

The police say the shooting stems from an ongoing gang feud. The rival factions are said to have cousins on opposing sides.

According to commander of the St James Police Division, Senior Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, Bowen allegedly has a son connected to one of the factions, while a nephew of hers is aligned to the other side.

Meanwhile, the head of the St James Police Division says Kevin Hemmings, who also goes by the moniker “Skelly”, can assist in the investigations. He is asking Hemmings to come in and speak to the police.

Sunday night’s killing pushes the murder tally in the parish to 143 since the beginning of this year, which is 13 fewer than the number recorded over the corresponding period last year.


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  1. Those POS have incubators which birthed them, saying that they are good sons. They are even blessed.


  2. Once you have a drug culture, say what you want, Mafia style gang warfare will take a crippling hold on the society. Don't you forget, you so-called progressives, that the so-called music on the radio is a major factor driving this business. Now, except for Radio Caribbean we can refuse to renew licenses. Closing down radio stations that support violence against women, against others and glorify substance abuse should be shut down.

    Jamaica has been in the forefront of the killing drug business. When drug music which is noise is called entertainment, intelligence grows in short supply. Sadly, here, we are very busy and happy to follow Jamaica. Its wild west way of life was seen in VFort, just this past week. 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' was on show in VFort. 'When better will not be done, worse will continue'.


  3. Did I read there have been 143 killings in St. James just this year? So what's the murder count for all of Barbados? Just wow.


  4. they doing their things and then they running when they finish they calling them self bad man


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