REGIONAL: Woman charged with blackmailing man in St. Croix

REGIONAL: Woman charged with blackmailing man in St. Croix
Makeda Williams
Makeda Williams

V.I. Police on Saturday arrested 23 -year-old N’Zinger Makeda Williams and charged her with blackmail.

According to the VIPD, on July 22, Williams demanded money from a friend and told him if he didn’t pay her she would tell police he had raped her.

Williams also demanded the man pay her or, she said, “I’ll tell your wife you had sex with me.”

The man told police he paid her for while, but realized it wasn’t going to stop. He told his wife, he said, and made a report when Williams started threatening to have him arrested for rape.

At about 1:18 p.m. Saturday police arrested her. Bail was set at $10,000. Williams was remanded to Golden Grove Detention Center pending advice of rights hearing.


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  1. Realise though, that her bail for rape, was set at 10,000 aswell. This is a very serious offence as we see here. We need not cry for a "school girl" getting bail at 10,000 while younger males get similar for their crimes be it assault etc... In one breath we call her a school girl, but we dont normally call Sir Arthur students school children. The activities of SALCC kids on the compound itself is an issue in my view.
    but hey, I dont have a politician agenda. So I wont be heard as Im not asking for a minister's resignation. I am asking for us to fix the problem from the roots.


  2. St lucia news online you have all the news on everything else how about some local new about the forest growing in the middle of the Soufriere town the main highway to paradise. It is a shame that I cannot enjoy the beauty of the square where I grew up . I am hoping that the people of Soufriere can come out and demand change regardless which party is in power, we are fed up make some change.


  3. I am a woman and must testify about some confessions that women has made to men just because they want money. It started small by claiming we have a birthday everyday to a different man ,or I did not see my period I think I am pregnant just for money, I had a miss carriage and dirtying a pad with God knows what, I have always wandered gosh would I like my son to be in that predicament, I would be in jail right now. So please lady's keep it simple if 17th put screw someone and it was not forceful such the f . Up many you did not charge enough count your loses stop inflating the price because in the first place you do not by cocon pou awen and then claim after words therefore sa ou Gwen chaba. Mama whatever.


  4. tbh some women think they can do wat they want and take advantage of men because society said that they can


  5. Maybe now we can formulate a better judgement of the Ubaldus issue and not see it as a purely political issue. Women know that men a vulnerable to their flesh, they were made that way, and if they were not we would probably have far less people on earth. Most people in society are born out of wedlock and under most bizarre circumstances, do we regret those people being alive?

    A criminal investigation should never be overshadowed by a political or moral rule, especially if it is an unwritten and arbitrary. Ubaldus's morals maybe different to that of all who elected him and indeed theirs maybe all different to each others. But who are we to dictate the boundaries of such morals if we ourselves cannot determine it neither abide by it? Compare that to a politician if he is charged in a criminal offence and never resigns his office. Could we ask one who through the illegal actions another, had his photos of his body allegedly published to resign? In addition up to now we have not proved whether the photos we in fact genuine.

    All this tells a tale of a country rooted in an arbitrary and uninformed method of decision making which renders the normal institutions of truth, due process and justice as inferior.


    • Made that way? No. Not true. It's more social conditioning. You are not a man unless you can be hyper-sexual and whatnot. Blackmailing is wrong and the person doing it should be charged but Ubaldus is not getting a pass. Those that like to use bible as a weapon better make sure they are living according to it.


    • I totally agree. In fact, most of the detractors themselves, having been products fornication and adultry. which are refusing to pretest their own existence. The problem here, is that we are so inconsistent. We hold some to a particular moral standard, while we are openly ignoring these moral ourselves, and in our families, not having any demand for their observance, until of course we feel someone can be "brought down" if we side with these morals. Rather convenient that we see these morals necessary. We dont decry school kids having sex on video at all. Thats where the morals need to start.


  6. Shameless women have not caught on that new technologies make it near impossible to carry out their old tricks of black mailing our men folk for money. I am a woman and used to assume it was the men lying to the women to make them all act crazy; but technology now exposing those shameless women as a big part of the problem of adulterous behaviors. And there I was thinking HIV, Hepatitis C, AIDS or some other STDs would stop them. I am embarrassed for those like her, who prefer to 'mess up' people's relationships after the cheater tired of their scheming ways. Yes it takes two to tango but those women need to know, some men are wired to have fun and forget them; and will not break up their homes for a piece of meat: oops!


    • The so called "woman" chastises women buy makes the excuse that "some men are wired to have fun and forget them; and will not break up their homes for a piece of meat".
      Apparently morality is gender specific.........move from there.........


    • The "new technologies" make it just as easy for the men to fool all the women involved. Its just as easy for the man to tell you he is going to bed by a simple telephone call or whatsapp message and know full well he is going to make that trip later in the night to the other woman's house, probably pass right by your house too on the way. Yeah its that little feeling we woman usually have when we strongly feel something is not adding up ...its called intuition. So when he has conditioned you tell him your every move, as soon as you think of leaving the house whether its to pee, go shopping, water the hedge, or take the dog for a walk its so that he can know exactly too where to be at any point in time.
      By now most of us women should know all to well its after the contact has been made its usually out the man is not as single as he advertised himself to be, because they usually start with " were having problems or we are not together anymore" At some point we all learn sooner or later the other woman is not your target. Your man was the one purporting all the lies and tricks to keep you a secret so that he could carry on with his pleasures. Us women though need to do some self inspection and look at our situation in a more objective manner, maybe too we are the ones who disadvantage ourselves, we need to stop begging when there is nothing to beg for anymore and be good examples for our children, especially our daughters.


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