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REGIONAL: St Vincent PM says regime change in Venezuela could destabilise CARICOM

By Jamaica Observer

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2017-06-19-08_02_35-st-vincent-pm-says-regime-change-in-venezuela-could-destabilise-caricomKINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has warned his colleagues in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) that the quest for a regime change in Venezuela could destabilise some CARICOM member states.

In a letter obtained by the Caribbean Media Corporation, Gonsalves said “nefarious plans are afoot to sow deeds of division among CARICOM member states so as to undo the majestic Declaration of the CARICOM heads of State and Government of May 29, 2017.”

“We in CARICOM must stand resolutely and unequivocally behind our Declaration. It is inconceivable to me as a matter of good governance for ambassadors for whatever reason, to seek an unpicking of our Declaration so as to accommodate those who seek only a fig leaf quasi-juridical endorsement at the OAS for thinly disguised imperial hegemonic or narrow self-serving purposes.”

In a letter issued ahead of Monday’s meeting of the OAS in Mexico, Gonsalves declared that only Heads of State and Government of CARICOM possess the authority to ”amend (or) rescind” authoritative decision of the Heads.

“Any usurpation of such authority would render CARICOM a laughing stock and make its Heads’ decisions subject to a wholly unacceptable ambassadorial reconstruction.

During the recent meeting of the OAS in Washington DC, CARICOM countries took a united position and defeated attempts by a minority of OAS member states to pass a Resolution condemning Venezuela.

Gonsalves, in the letter to his colleagues, added that “St Vincent and the Grenadines sees no need to change our declaration one iota. The circumstances in Venezuela are precisely the same today as they were on May 29, 2017. There is no credible basis to suggest to the Heads that accommodation be made to other member states’ concerns relating to “humanitarian intervention”, “shortage of food and medicines”. These and other like considerations were fully ventilated at the meeting of the Heads on May 29, 2017. The language of our declaration reflects the collective wisdom of the highest decision making body of our Caribbean Community….”

He said Venezuelans should be allowed to resolve “by themselves their intense political conflicts or challenges without unwarranted meddling”…. the member-countries of CARICOM must never encourage or give support to driving a veritable horse and chariot through fundamental principles of international law – and we must not “play with fire” in permitting or collaborating with others to march Trojan Horses though the gates of Caracas.”

Gonsalves also said that Venezuela has a population of 27 million possessed of abundant small arms, legal and illegal.

“A further exacerbation of the deepening political tensions by external intervention, in whatever guise, is likely to cause a flood of migrants, legal and illegal onto our lands and seas. Unwittingly, we may turn our peaceful geographic spaces into make-shift refugee settlements.”

He urged his colleagues to remain united in CARICOM – “at the end of the day, it is imperative that we see the OAS not as a battering ram or a sword to be used in factor of one or another of the groupings of political combatants in Venezuela . The OAS in our modern era beyond the ghosts of a debilitating Cold War is required always to be a shield in defence and promotion of tried and tested civilized and civilizing, precepts of international law and relations. The resurrection of ghosts from the past, in whatever form or fashion will be a huge mistake. We must avoid this,” he said.

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  1. Ralphie has to blow off his steam every once in a while, just to let everyone know he thinks he is the most important bobblehead in the region. He is truly a legend in his own mind.

    And on every occasion I wish he would just shut the hell up and go back into his Communist hole.

    I am not even Vincentian and I am sick and tired of him bumbling around the Caribbean puffing himself up at the expense of his own poor nation. He has forced his way onto just about every regional Board there is, and he blathers his way around the top of FOUR organisations - CARICOM, OECS, ACS and the United Nations.

    I have just three words to say: === OFF, RALPH.

  2. straight SHOOTER

    I just do not understand what type of ignorant , selfish and self centered people we have running this island, and this include the past and present government. the people of this island is walking around with their eyes close, or are they just pretending. It is time we focus our attention on this island and our people.'' OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND YOU''.

    • Seems Mr. Goncalves is nothing more than an agent of true dictatorial imperialism that does not have free speech, assembly and liberty. Maduro is trying to turn Venezuela into another Cuba. The Castro brothers and their political military henchmen have already been UNMASKED in front of the world for what they trunk are...... People of St Vincent and Granadinas... Get yourselves a new minister who doesn't insultos your inteligente. You want to live in peace and prosperity and happiness not follow some miscreant intelectual on a path of self serving politics.

  3. This region is bedeviled by a large number socialists theorists especially from UWI, that only produce poverty, oppression, misery, starvation, mental illness and social dysfunction. See the number of ghettos created here in the last 15 years by the communist admirer in the SLP.

    We paid for, and are still paying for our misery under that communist UWI lecturer. "And dearly we have answered it", William Shakespeare.

    Witness, the poverty and turmoil being created by Maduro in Venezuela. This is a country that is rich in oil. But see who gave Maduro the Red Carpet treatment in Saint Lucia.

    Witness, who is now making noises for the retention of the status quo that exists in Venezuela today. " Birds of a feather ..." they say "flock together".

    "Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice; shame on me".

    • You people are a bunch of idiots aren't you. All the man is saying is let the Venezuelans decide their own fate. Stop letting the CIA and the US initiate regime change? How well did that work out in Iraq, Libya, Yemen etc.

      This is about the USA trying to gouge the people of Venezuela after Chavez nationalised the US oil company that was exploiting the country's resources and its people. This has happened so many times since colonial times. You black people should be tired of behind exploited. Sadly you watch too much TV and keeping drinking the USA liberators and Freedom fighters cool aid.

      • Jackass, then why the hell he just won't let them do just that. Shut up you fool. Let them decide. Repeat each that thrice. Stress another word each time. Let them decide.

        Do you understand plain English? Or is kweyol your first language too, idiot?

        • You moron. You realise it is always a minority funded by the CIA that begins the destabilising and the US Gov't/Media jumps on it creating all sorts of chaos to initiate change. Change only to further line their pockets. You realise Trump's cabinet is made up mostly of Goldman Sachs executives. Do you think these guys care about anything but their money. The US media controlled by guys like Murdoch who have no interest in reporting fact demonise anyone who doesn't bend over to their will. Sure you lack any sort of deductive ability but I hope my attempted simplification of such a mind blowing concept assisted a dek dek like yourself. All you morons do is sit around and watch TV and take no interest in learning.

          Nothing wrong with Kweyol being a first language. Many of the people who elevated St. Lucia spoke creole as their first language. Should I educate you on the number of St. Lucians who were brought up on such?

      • What you been smoking man?

  4. Because ralph is not doing anything about the cocaine coming into Vinci. There's a number of Venezuelans in Vinci living large . Ralph you just bias.

  5. "...would render CARICOM a laughing stock"? Are you serious? CARICOM is already a laughing stock. It is perceived as a bunch of leeches who have sold their souls for cheap oil.

    • This is the same guy who subsidize LIAT. People with his type of thinking and corruption of the regime before Chavez is what led Venezuela down this path. The present form of government will only lead to more bloodshed and suffering of the poor people of the country.

  6. Another UWI communist lecturer set loose on an unsuspecting population, by the constant abuse of the ballot box. Saint Vincent's Maduro is awakening.

    We have had our own Castro 2.0, and similarly a lawyer, that rampaged through our economy. We are still trying to escape the swirling vortex, as is now happening in Venezuela, if you are not a totally blind partisan.

  7. A socialist is talking. Watch out! Saint Vincent can expect a Castro-styled dictatorship just about any time now.

    By that time too, Saint Lucia will have left the OECS long time. It is inevitable with the uneducated masses created by these UWI socialist lecturers as PMs, and China as leader of the world now. Witness the hordes of plain stupid en rouge, semi-educated idiots, just hotels maids, and grass-cutters Kenny has as followers.

  8. "The language of our declaration reflects the collective wisdom of the highest decision making body of our Caribbean Community….”

    Since when the words "CARICOM" and "wisdom" can be associated with each other much less be spoken in the same sentence? Ralph said that “nefarious plans are afoot to sow deeds of division among CARICOM member states so as to undo the majestic Declaration of the CARICOM heads of State and Government of May 29, 2017.” I would like to ask don't these States deserve a right to their opinions?

    In fact Ralf has labelled these Heads as "those who seek only a fig leaf quasi-juridical endorsement at the OAS for thinly disguised imperial hegemonic or narrow self-serving purposes.” But I must ask wouldn't the preserving the present status of Venezuela play out in the interest Ralph and others?

    You do not want the others to condemn Venezuela, however you have condemn others for far less. Take for example Dominican Republic, they were not killing people yet you condemned their actions. So what is the reason for being so inconsistent with Venezuela? Oh, I forgot that you benefit from ALBA and Petro Caribe. When Maduro and his government were issuing assaults on the US government all of you were silent, now that the chickens have come to roost you want to talk.

    As far as I am concerned Venezuela is killing its citizens over protesting and there is no excuse for that. Ralph and others have shown that they do not support citizens rights but the what advantages they can gain from totalitarian regimes. So mister, enough of those big words in little speeches that don't mean nothing. The US is going to destabilize Venezuela and push for regime change because the people want it and it won't stop because you gaining economic aid and oil from a tyrant.

    • If that political dinosaur believes that his people take the empty words of a totally useless political declaration to the supermarket and to the bank, that is his and the Venci's business.

      We in Saint Lucia just kicked the last remnant of Fidel Castro's communist bullshit out of office. And dammit! That was not soon enough.


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