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REGIONAL: “Psst! Psst! Laws coming to punish unwanted sexual advances in Jamaica

By Jamaica Star

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Olivia 'Babsy' Grange, minister of culture, gender, entertainment and sport.

Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, minister of culture, gender, entertainment and sport.

Sick and tired of the catcalls to which women are subjected, the minister with responsibility for gender affairs, has announced that tough sexual harassment laws will be instituted to protect women from unwelcomed advances.

“Some women and men are sexually harassed, even walking the street,” Olivia Grange said in parliament today.

The minister, who did an example of a catcall by uttering “pssst”, said that sexual harassment is “not a simple matter.”

“It is a serious crime and we’re moving to deal with it,” Grange said.

She told the House of Representatives that the Sexual Harassment Bill has already gone to the Chief Parliamentary Council and some amendments have been made.

“It is now to be sent to the Legislation Committee. The amended bill, once approved by the Legislation Committee, will be brought back to parliament this legislative year as we seek to protect all women and men from unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favours and crude sexual behaviours that affect quality of life by creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment,” Grange said.

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  1. Not surprised!! The type of nasty and blatantly pornographic music videos produced by some of its so-called artists, give me the shivers - given that the country always portrays itself to be so "Lord-goddy" and so "holy-smoly". Well, shame, that does not run so deep into the character of its mouthy men. They also pretend to be so homely and have many illegitimate or unbeknown children scattered about & abroad. They pretend to be a "safe", yet they are more happy-go-lucky with the gun than anywhere else in the Caribbean. My advice, if I may, to the Jamaican Parliament, is not to go half-way. Go the whole-hog and pass a few gun laws in conjunction with these Anti-sexual Advances Laws, to make its society safer not only for the women, but also for all pedestrians on the streets of its society - especially the foreign students you keep inviting to your Mona Campus, only to give them the baptism of fire of the sound of a fired gun and pure fear during their stay there.

    • No! No! No! Jamaica's Parliament should be worrying about the overall safety of all their streets and the pornographic drivel their so-called artists keep portraying in their productions, rather than the kerfuffle of uncomplaining, canoodling couples, all whom seem to be enjoying themselves in the art and practice of Quantum Of Solace. That Parliament has much money and time to waste.

  2. Just a thought. If such a law is passed, the courts will have to determine how many pssts constitute harassment, since the first psst will constitute the primary approach which may or may not be welcomed by the young lady. Now think of a scenario where I psst the young lady six times and then on the seventh occasion she turns round and tells me:"Oh, hi! I heard the catcall but I did not realise it was intended for me. What's up? " Would this be considered successful harassment? I am really "kicksing off", but there is some food for thought in my gibberish.

  3. St Lucia please follow, I beg of thee. Many men won't agree but do a survey and you'll find that many women are sick of this form of harassment.

  4. Its about time pssst my ass,go psst your mother,you damn snake.I just hate these stupid street bush men.No fucking respect the like a bunch of snake Pssst,Pssst,they look so stupid,men without voice just hissing at women.Fuck off snake's.Good job Jamaica women dont want to be sexually harassed.And when you dont comply they call you all kinds of names and curses come after,damn bush men.St.lucia should do the same.You don't see women going around the place hissing at men.Why can the men do it and get away no more hissing Pssst,Pssst we dont like it and it must stop men dont hiss the aproach women the speak words sweet words decent words not Pssst Pssst damn idiots.

    • saint lucia dont pass irrelevant ignorant laws you can go and leave jamaica if you like when that law is passed so st lucian men cant psst psst you.

  5. SO IF YOU PSST A WOMAN OR A MAN THAT SEXUAL HARASSMENT woman move urself there sometimes i see these people getting into politics so that they can change things that they personally seem irrelevant to them and not that it affects the masses.

  6. Lady sit down freedom of speech.


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