REGIONAL: Married women more at HIV risk than prostitutes – Jamaican family planning head

By Jamaica Gleaner

2017-06-19-12_47_25-married-women-more-at-hiv-risk-than-prostitutes-chevannes-_-news-_-jamaica-gleKINGSTON, Jamaica – Executive director of the National Family Planning Board (NFPB), Dr Denise Chevannes, is expressing concern that many married Jamaica women are prisoners in the sanctity of their bedroom, where their health is potentially at greater risk than that of prostitutes.

There has been a decline in the HIV-prevalence among Jamaican sex workers (prostitutes) and many are believed to be better able to negotiate conditions under which sex takes place, more so than many women who are married.

According Chevannes, the evidence shows that many women secure in the sanctity of marriage are at greater risk of contracting HIV, imprisoned as they are by cultural norms.

“A married woman, her husband coming home at 2:00 every morning, where has he been? You think he’s been out negotiating business deals? That woman, if she starts to say to her husband, ‘We need to start using a condoms’, the first thing he’s going to say to her is: ‘What are you doing, why I should have to use condoms?’,” Chevannes told The Sunday Gleaner.

“There are very, very few women who will be able to insist, and I want to tell you, even a married woman who has her own job and is more or less economically independent still desires that social validation of being in a partnership with a man.

“And many of them go into denial (but) they are not able to insist and to negotiate the conditions under which safer sex takes place, so many of them are exposed. Some of those women are in the church, and then when you have the gender-based violence on top of that …,” added Chevannes.

She said the NFPB is considering expanding its work into general population groups, especially among those persons who think they’re not at risk.

“They have a low-risk perception and they are the ones at elevated risk – more than they know. At least a sex worker knows she is at risk, a man who has sex with other men knows he’s at risk. That churchwoman doesn’t know she’s at risk,” lamented Chevannes.

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  1. Faithfulness is a given in marriage but these HIV research undermine wives peace of mind. Perhaps it’s time to introduce 3 monthly sexual health MOTs for all couples taking similar precaution as prostitutes. What will become of the institute of marriage!

  2. Some me so disgusting.. damn if u gonna cheat on ur partner at least wrap it up. Nasty pigs.

    • Some women so disgusting.. damn if u gonna cheat on ur partner at least ask the guy to wrap it up. Nasty sows.

      • You were absent for comprehension at school I see. Let me break it down for you then.

        What the article is saying is that the WOMEN are the victims. And the NASTY PIGS are really the men who are cheating, and don't have the decency to wrap it up and protect their significant others in the home. Because we know how the nasty men like to play psychology 101; you ask them to use condoms, then they say YOU are the one cheating.

      • I guess i struck a nerve there huh. Since the article was talking abt men i addressed them. Likewise for women if she stepping out on her partner she needs to be responsible. Either way cheaters are nasty salops. If you gonna cheat stay single.


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