REGIONAL: Guyanese father rapes pregnant daughter allegedly claiming to open passage for baby

REGIONAL: Guyanese father rapes pregnant daughter allegedly claiming to open passage for baby

A New Amsterdam man is in police custody pending investigations into allegations of rape which he is accused of committing against his 15-year-old daughter.

The teen was pregnant at the time of the incident.

News Room understands that the 42-year-old suspect resides with his mother and four children among which is the 15-year-old girl, while his wife resides overseas.

It is alleged that the incident took place on three occasions between December 2016 and May 2017 at their home.

According to a police source, the suspect had sex with the teen three times against her will, two of which occurred while she was pregnant for a man with whom she shared a relationship.

She allegedly told detectives that during the first two encounters, her father had told her that he has to have sex with her to “make passage” for the baby to pass while on the last occasion the 15-year-old was in her room wrapped in a towel.

News Room was informed that the teenager’s mother has since been notified of the incidents. However, when confronted, the suspect denied the allegations.

Following a police report, the teen was escorted to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and provided with a medical certificate of the findings.

The suspect was later arrested pending charges.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. The father is a poster-child for the belief that H_ll truly exists and that he will spend a burning eternity there.

    In the interim, based on his system of logic, it sounds like he'll be very accommodating when he's told in prison that he's being ruthlessly sodomized only for the good cause of helping him maintain his regular bowel movements.

    The diet in prison can be challenging. He'll also have to be careful attention not to gag on what he may be force-fed for his own good from time to time.


  2. When will you reporters understand…
    Rape is about power and dominance using violence.
    Sex is about lover and caring.

    He did not have sex with her.
    He raped her!

    If a bag got snatched would you report that the victim gave the bag away?
    So when a man violently inserts himself into a woman why do you suggest that it was given?



  3. When will reporters understand...
    Rape is about power and dominance through violence.
    Sex is about love and caring.

    He did not have sex with her. HE RAPED HER.


  4. This Child is being abused by both child father and father..... Poor Soul. God protect this Child.


  5. this is disgusting but in a court of law you only innocent until proven guilty sad but true so unless they get his dna on her or in her which i hope they do so this bastard can go to jail but until then they cant do him nothing


  6. He does not deserve to live ,that is so on unhuman he's an animal .I hope when he goes to jail the guys In there make space for him too ...I pray god give her strength



    • I dont agree with that statement a lot must be considered here who got her pregnant in the first place.If it not her father i dont see why he dont deserved to live. There are cultures where a father must have sex with his daughters before they see any other man.And believe it or not it more common then you think. The reasoning is the father have been the provider and protector and has a right to have sex with his daughters as they cannot put any other man above him before this happen.So taboo to some the world is not a level playing field many escape while few pay any penalty .?


        • I know some ......would believe that i condone this immoral act ,however i was looking at this from a different perspective.When i hear of one incident in the news there are millions of this same tnong happening all around the world countries like indian and japan to name a few has not laws against incest if he was in one of the aforementioned countries he would face no penalty .Am just saying the world is not a level playing field so and very few are caught or face any penalty furthermore it have been proven time and time again that most of tjose teens lie about abuse by the father etc when they have already mess up themself and now have a baf relation with their parent because of the situation so some times they lie about their father and in that way help remove guilt that hangs over their head


      • Which means these people don't believe in the Bible. There is no way a human being can look at his or her child and want to have sex with them. This is not a human, he is an animal. Lock his ass up and throw away the keys


      • U tlkin garbage no way he can live but have to pay for such nonsense I dont agree he has no right at no time to touch dat child god will deal wit him


  7. We missed the first crime and seem to dwell on the second. The first crimes is a 15 year old getting pregnant! She is a minor and if her child father is older he should be arrested together with girls father.


    • Lawman, You are just a few seconds short of the comment that the father-of-the-unborn is the cause and main reason for the rape. Go for it. Be as dense as possible


    • True that; both needs to be jail, unless baby's father is girl's age and both need help. My goodness 15 and pregnant, Lord help us.


  8. A father,that Animal,that monster,that beast,do not deserve to still be called a father.He no longer holds the title of father.A father talking about he need to make passage for his pregnant daughter.Who by the way is 16 teen.That beast just set his self on his daughter,what a piece of sh--.That's a beast a predator,a damn Pedifile, a cunt, a vile thing.I hope youll fry or execute the damn beast.No wonder the young lady pregnant at such a young age.Maybe is someone who can be her father.Her mother in foreign and that beast have to raise her,and educate her about life,and how a young lady should behave.But instead he serving his self.I would volunteer to Castrate the beast,damn b--h.


    • Child is caught up in a cycle of abuse. Poor thing. Did the mother run from her father? When was the first time he molested her? Why didn't he protect her form the one who got her pregnant? What a mess. Poor thing


      • The goat if he had never abuse her before, was eyeing her all along and took this opportunity, with his nonsense. They should put him to death.


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