REGIONAL: Guyana not taking sides in Venezuela conflict – Foreign Minister

REGIONAL: Guyana not taking sides in Venezuela conflict – Foreign Minister

2017-05-29-09_59_27-guyana-not-taking-sides-in-venezuela-conflict-foreign-ministerThe Guyana government Monday said it would continue to provide assistance to the people of Venezuela even though it acknowledged that Caracas has not approached it for assistance as a result of the internal disturbances in the neighbouring South American country.

“Guyana, as a matter of routine, stands ready to assist or support all CARICOM (Caribbean Community) states and immediate neighbours, where appropriate, when asked,” said Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge, indicating that the Venezuelan government has not approached Guyana for help with its current internal crisis.

He said further, in spite of the difficulties that the two countries had experienced with regards to the border controversy due to Venezuela’s continuous claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory, the two governments routinely utilise direct diplomatic channels to communicate through Ambassadorial exchanges or the use of Notes Verbale to send messages and requests.

In 2016, Guyana convened a meeting of non-governmental organisations and the private sector in the country to consider the deteriorating conditions in Venezuela. However, at the time, the Venezuelan government was not open to receiving any material assistance that was being offered at the time. Caracas has seen almost daily demonstrations in recent weeks, some of which have turned deadly and violent.

President Nicolas Maduro has denied claims by his critics that he is moving the country towards a dictatorship. He said the demonstrations are part of an Opposition-led conspiracy with foreign entities, specifically the US, to destabilise the country.

Maduro is pressing ahead with a plan to create a popular assembly with the ability to rewrite the constitution, but the Opposition-controlled National Assembly has promptly rejected Maduro’s plan. Earlier this month, CARICOM foreign ministers called for non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela where at least 40 people have been killed in street demonstrations.

Even as they “decried the violence taking place and deplored the resulting loss of life and property” the foreign ministers said they had “deliberated on the changes taking place in the international environment as well as in their wider regional environment and on their implications for the coordinated foreign policy positioning”.

Earlier, St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves cautioned CARICOM to refrain from allowing a small group of powerful nations to dilute the “collective strength” of the 15-member regional grouping on the Venezuela issue.

Gonsalves, in a three-page letter to his colleagues warned that a wedge is being driven through CARICOM over a plan for “regime change” in Venezuela and the group of powerful nations with the Organisation of America States (OAS) has an “agenda of naked self-interest”.


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  1. Sadly that same government was accusing Guyana of stealing their oil not too long ago, and they are now asking Guyana for help.


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