Reforming the Castries Central Youth and Sports Council

Reforming the Castries Central Youth and Sports Council

(PRESS RELEASE) – The development of youth and proper coordination of youth based organizations within communities play a significant role in creating a well-balanced society.

Therefore under the administration of the National Youth Council, a number of sub councils have been formed island wide more specifically known at District Youth and Sports Councils. Castries Central is no exception and development is on the horizon.

After a series of meetings throughout September and October 2017 a number of young persons around the community have expressed their interest in the formation of an official Castries Central Youth and Sports Council.

Prior to this, a mobilization committee was put in place to assist in the coordinating of regular sessions and the upcoming elections slated for Saturday, November 18th 2017 6:30 P.M. at the National Youth Council Office. Nominations for the Executive stands as follows;

President- Kezia St. Brice and Eutyran Paul
1 st Vice President- Cornelius George
2nd Vice President – Latoya Charles
General Secretary – Rochelle Wilson
Public Relations Officer – Darell Nichols Fleming and Michael Anthony
Treasurer- Jemique Alcindor and Bianca St. Ange
Assistant General Secretary – Beyoncé Compton and Marcus Giraudy
Trustee – Eutyran Paul
Floor Representatives – Marcus Giraudy and Eutyran

We, the mobilization committee urge all young people within the community of Castries Central to show
their support in an attempt to create and maintain an active and effective council.


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