Reduit Orchard woman finds live slug in sandwich

Reduit Orchard woman finds live slug in sandwich

Check your food thoroughly before eating it.

That’s the advice from a female resident of Reduit Orchard, Gros Islet who discovered a live slug in her bread and chicken sandwich, according to a DBS news report.

The woman, who did not identify herself, said she bought the sandwich from a booth in the Castries market on Monday and left to go home.

On her way home in a bus, she told DBS that she ate  “little piece” of the sandwich and ate “half” shortly after she arrived at her home.

The woman went on to say that she “left the other piece” to make a cup of coffee – to wash down the rest of the sandwich.

On her way back to get the rest of the sandwich she said she saw a slug crawling out of the food.

The woman said she was “very upset” and as a result hadn’t eaten anything since Monday.

She eventually confronted the vendor who sold her the sandwich and disclosed what happened.

The vendor, she said, sympathised with her, and noted that it was not done on purpose.

She added that the vendor said she felt sorry and apologised.

And her next action? She told DBS that she will not take any action againt the vendor but wants people to be very careful with how they cook and prepare food for the public.

She is also warning everyone to check their food properly before eating.


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  1. There is nothing wrong with getting a slug or Catapilla in the lettuce in a bag a masy stores. This just shows that the farmer did not use much pesticides or pesticides were used a long time before harvesting. On another note, uneless you are a farmer you would be amazed to know how these things hide in corners and crakes and curls of the leaves where water cannot reach unless if you break the leave apart and massy wants whole produce. I think it's our responsibility as a consumer to wash and prepare food carefully to prevent these kind of mistakes.


  2. The only time you know exactly what's in you food is when you prepare it yourself,but glad to know it was not done intentionally...


  3. Spinach and lettuce always tend to have caterpillars and slugs .They survive even more in the fridge,so people just need to be careful and wash them properly.


  4. That is why I really eat out as people are nasty and don' take time to wash things the way I will .
    If I do eat out I will mostly buy a small potato fries. Poultry, Beef and Fish people don't clean and season the way I do .


  5. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you understood the miraculous signs."
    – John 6: 26


  6. They don't take their time to prepare the eats /drinks.. Stop the rushing; I know mistakes happen but come on .. A mistake like this? Oh mannn smh if you take your time , you wash out properly etc. I know you woul not have to deal with issues like that ..Mann that's people health. . I think the health department should pass weekly rather than every other month to monitor the vendors and their environs.. Case close


  7. Wayyy to go my lady !!!
    Seeking compensation and humiliating the vendor isn't always the way to go.
    On the other hand.
    Its not always the famers nor retailers fault for bugs being in produce they are part of the food chain ..
    We as the food preps should always maintain hygene in preparing foods so they meet the quality &standards of our customers
    All lettuce should be soaked for 10 minutes then dried before uses
    Wash all ur fruits and vegetables before u prepare them please !!!.
    It will cost u more to walk up and down in a court house than to do stuff the right way..
    Please take pride in what do vendors.


  8. Slugs like lettuce and these other vegetables people use in sandwiches. As much as possible try not to eat food from any and everybody


  9. you left your sandwhich how are you sure its was the vendor fault although i agree that vendors need to provide proper food to customers


    • Slugs travel slowly and leave a clear trail behind them. She would have noticed if the slug came from her home.


  10. Caught a slug in a small bag of spinach from a local supermarket once. Check them greens before purchase too.


    • Some times they don't wash the lettice too and them things likes to stay in them so i agree wirh her just watch youll food before eating i just dont buy food no were town i said no were all of them places the same thing they dont wash things to do salad .is chop and surve awa i have work a few places seeing that happening awa


    • Same here. .. got a slug in a small parcel of lettuce from Massy Rodney bay a couple months ago... and im not making this up... they need to be very careful and wash these food items properly before placing them on the shelf... and we need to check them properly before we consume them too..


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