Redeemed Christian Church of God – Youth outreach soccer festival

Redeemed Christian Church of God – Youth outreach soccer festival

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – On August 30 & 31, 2018 the Flow Trevor Daniel Football Development Programme (Flow-TDFDP) will bring together 300+ young football enthusiasts to participate in the long awaited Kick It Back to School Football Festival.

This is the first ever Redeemed Church of Christ youth outreach project in St Lucia and the intention is to make this a permanent fixture on the TDFDP calendar of activities. Kids 5 to 15 years will participate in 5 age categories to experience “Football with a difference!”.

Players in the U16, U14, U12 & U10 will each play 3 round robin matches on Day 1 & then a championship match on day 2, with a grand prize giving and award ceremony on Sunday Sep 02. 30 players 5, 6 & 7 years will have a free training clinic with foreign coaches.

The purpose of this event is two-fold; to have kids engaged in something they are passionate about just before heading back to school, while they receive a message of hope, peace & love, that the sponsors & organizers are confident will serve them well for their entire lifetime.

Amidst all the negativity & hatred that fills the airways & social media we want to bring some positivity to their young impressionable minds. During the festival there will also be a medical team at the field who will provide free medical testing to parents of participants, spectators & passersby.

The details of the festival are as follows:

Title: Kick It Back 2 School Football Festival
Date: August 30th, 31st & Sept 2nd
Venue: Sab Facility

Target: 16 teams:

U16 (14 & 15 years)
U14 (12 & 13 years)
U12 (10 & 11 years)
U10 (8 & 9 years)
U8 (7, 6, 5 years)
Festival Teams Structure:
U16 – 18 players (11V11) x4
U14 – 18 players (11V11) x4
U12 – 12 players ( 6V6) x4
U10 – 14 players (7V7) x4
U8 (7, 6, 5 years) 30 kids free clinic on day 2

Individual Registration Required:

Call/text 7138955 to pickup & drop off forms.

Registration forms MUST be delivered by or before Mon Aug 27 @ 430pm.

First 150 players to sign up receive a gift of a T-shirt &/or a pair of new/used boots.

Every player gets hot lunch & Juice


3 days – 2 Game days (6-8 hours day1 & day2) + 1 Ceremony/Awards Day day 3

Day 1 – All teams must be there from 8am for games & field assignments
Day 1 – Match Past 830-850am
Day 1 – First Round Matches 9am-430pm
Day 2 – Free training clinic by foreign coaches 830-1030am for U8 kids (5,6 & 7 years old).
Day2 – 3rd place match U10 & U14 @ 11-1130am
Day 2 – 3rd place matchU12 & U16 @ 1145-1215pm
Day 2 – U10 championship 1230-1pm
Day 2 – U12 championship 115-145pm
Day 2 – U14 Championship 2-230pm
Day 2 – U16 Championship 245-315pm
Day 3 Sunday September 02, Awards & Medal Presentations.

We want to encourage as many to sign up and be part of this grand event. We anticipate an amazing and life changing experience for participants, spectators/supporters & organizers alike.

Thanks to the Redeemed Christian Church of God for partnering with us on this huge project. Special thanks to Flow & Sandals for their contributions and continued support to football & the youth of our country.


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