Red Rebellion Carnival band launched

Red Rebellion Carnival band launched


PRESS RELEASE – The recently rebranded, Red Rebellion Carnival Band, a subsidiary of Red Unlimited Inc., formally launched its Carnival season at Gaiety Gardens this past Saturday, April 9.

The Band, which will be portraying the theme, Rise of the Empire for Carnival 2016 revealed an array of jaw-dropping and scintillating costumes to an eagerly awaiting crowd.

The favorable response from revelers, both potential and loyal, the euphoric atmosphere created by top, local entertainment acts, was the end result of a thoroughly planned event by a well-oiled team.

Although intermittent, not even the showers of blessings could have dulled what was one of the best launches produced by the band.

The theme lends its inspiration from the backstory of the critically-acclaimed movie 300.

Rise of the Empire depicts the struggle of the Greek City States as they fight against the God King, Xerxes of Persia, for freedom. For Carnival 2016, nine VIP sections will be displayed on the road in true RED fashion: Immortals, Persia, Greece, Athens, Olympia, Delphi, Thebes, Arcadia and Sparta.

Registration for the band opens during its first band meeting for the season, on April 12th 2016. The meeting starts at 5pm and will be held at the CSA Centre. A deposit of $300 is required to secure your spot with Red Rebellion Carnival Band.

The Band will like to thank its most valued sponsors: Digicel, KFC, Piton, Merchandizing Plus, Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Coca Cola, Crystal Clear, Chairman’s Reserve, Barefoot Wines, Kotex, Campari, Lucozade, Dewar’s Scotch Whiskey, Choice TV, Fireball, Touch Therapies Day Spa, Mano’s Liquors, MD Electrics, Meme Bete, Glamor Art, St. Lucia Fish Marketing Corp. Ltd, Treasure Bay Casino, First Citizens Bank and Hot FM, for their commitment to what will be the Ultimate Reveler Experience.

The Band will host its next major event, dubbed ‘Red Bikini Affair’ on June 5th 2016.


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