Recruits for Trinidad expected to bring back valuable experience to St. Lucia

Recruits for Trinidad expected to bring back valuable experience to St. Lucia
Nurses at the Orientation Exercise for St. Lucian nurses being recruited to work in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations on August 21 held the opening ceremony to commence a two-day Orientation Exercise for St. Lucian nurses being recruited for employment in Trinidad and Tobago.

The orientation seeks to provide St. Lucia nurses with employment opportunities in Trinidad and Tobago to better improve their knowledge and skills in the health sector.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chief Nursing Officer Dr. Oscar Ocho of Trinidad and Tobago said: “We are indeed extremely pleased to be a part of this exercise. This is an ongoing exercise especially since it’s a part of Caricom with the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME). It is really a vehicle in which we can have cross-fertilisation of experiences, so you definitely will not be the last group of Caribbean nurses.”

Dr. Ocho explained that they are many people in the Caribbean who are looking for opportunities.

“We hope that with your presence here, that will be an indication of your willingness not to leave your country permanently, but to gain some requisite experience that could be translated later on for the development and expansion of your own health system,” Dr. Ocho told the interviewees.

He thanked the Government of St. Lucia and the rest of the team for seeing it fit to allow the Trinidad and Tobago government to be a part of professional development experience in St. Lucia.

Minister of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Alvina Reynolds, said: “It’s a Caribbean vision; it is a plan for health not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but health in St. Lucia as a Caribbean Community (CARICOM). We are sharing knowledge and experience and seeing how we can improve on knowledge, skill and what is most important to me is the health sector attitude.”

This is an opportunity for the nurses, Reynolds noted, to work alongside experienced and new nurses from across the region from Grenada, St. Vincent, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago. She said that with a country as large as Trinidad, there is so much that the nurses can gain in terms of experience and culture.

She urged the officials from Trinidad and Tobago to take good care of the nurses.

“We really are excited about this initiative. I trust that it will be a fruitful.” Reynolds added.


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  1. Brother the government not concerned about what level of nurses will be left back for our health services. All the government cares is that some nurses are off their hands employment wise.

    Is a shame because the reality is our health services needs boosting tremendously.


  2. @brother -from what I heard the invitation was to those who recently left school so I wouldn't be concerned about what we're left with. The experienced ones will be here.


  3. They can only bring back valuable experience if they come back. With unemployment, salary freeze and the overall economic status in St Lucia as push factors for the brain drain, why should they return?
    On the other hand, the experience they gain will be valuable for going onwards to greener pastures.
    Third, the systems in St Lucia, have proven to be so resistant to change as to prove frustrating to those who having gained enlightenment, do come back to contribute.


  4. good opportunity for the nurses but just a bit concerned about the nurses we will be left with to take care of our fast deteriorating health system.


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